What is wrong with you???

This one is addressed to all the talk surrounding the supposed H1N1 vaccine. The US govt has announced that there has een a stunning response for volunteers to receive the shot.

Are you guys idiots, or what?

It has not gone through the usual testing and clinical requirements. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY they can isolate the virus, as it appears to be constantly mutating…

Other governments have admitted it is getting difficult to isolate the virus…

Yet here you are, jumping up and down to receive this vaccine…

I cannot reiterate this enough…

I say it emphatically…


Sorry to sound harsh, but it is the truth.

Please think twice. Please do not volunteer your CHILDREN to get this vaccine.

I know nobody will listen to me anyway, I am just some crazy person.

That is okay…find out for yourself.


4 thoughts on “What is wrong with you???

  1. angryton says:

    So true – but the whole swine-flue fever has been blown totally out of proportion…

    Yes, it’s deadly, but so is the regular flue.

  2. Big Bear says:

    It’s the fear factor. The Systemites are trained by the government media to be sick. Big Pharma spews out ads (ads=lies) making the masses believe they have some disease or another.

    These people have also been trained by the government media that government is the answer to their fears. The government will naturally tell you there has been a “stunning response” to their plans as they want you to think everyone thinks the same, and you too should join the flock.

    You’re not crazy, and you are being listened to. Keep it up.

  3. Dixon Cox says:

    The fools lining up for this have not been trained or brainwashed by anyone, they are being their non productive true selves. Whether it’s welfare, food stamps, powdered milk, cheese, condoms, housing projects or anything that the government gives away the bottom line is these idiots think they can get something for nothing. I say line up folks and bend over for your shot. Bring the kids, get a free t shirt as well! After all if it were bad for you the government wouldn’t do it! (Right?)

    The real victoms here are the swine!

    You are all pawns in my greater plan!

  4. Big Bear says:

    The H1N1 is the Y2K of 2009. Gotta love those acronyms!

    The whole vaccine thing is a government-media setup to see how many people are easily controlled by their propaganda. If they get a big turnout, it means they still have power to control and persuade. If lots of people ignore the vaccine, it means distrust in the government and its media arm.

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