Mumbai prepares for highest tide in 100 years

Mumbai is all set to face the highest tide of the season, which will hit its shores on Friday.

The city is expected to experience one of the highest tides in the past 100 years. It could exceed five metres. High tides above 4.15 metres are considered dangerous.

The Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has put its staff on alert to counter the effects of high tide.

However, the meteorological department has said that there was possibility of very heavy rains during the high tide period.

As a precautionary measure, residents of Varsova, Colaba in south Mumbai and others who stay close to the sea shores have been asked to be on alert.

The fire brigade, Coast Guard and Navy are also on alert and are advising people to be just alert.

However, a comprehensive disaster management plan has been prepared to meet the likely flood situation.

The Maharashtra Government has chalked out an extensive plan for the Thane and Raigad districts besides Mumbai to face the situation arising from the heavy rains.

According to municipal officers, about a billion rupees is spent each year on bracing the city for monsoon downpours, yet the rains continue to disrupt normal life.

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