Feels weird

It feels as if there is an electricity in the air. I feel like I am waiting…but I am unsure what I am waiting for. I am paralyzed, for I am sensing something in the air. It is like walking through a dream.

I have so much work to do today…sigh. It has been like this for a few days.

Perhaps this is the issue?

Perhaps this is the issue?


4 thoughts on “Feels weird

  1. Cest Moi says:

    Perhaps you are waiting to see if all the gloom and
    doom predicted will come true?

    Or,for your true prince to come?

  2. Excellent point!! HAARP makes sense Heidi, I think your intuition is spot on, PLUS, did you notice how SpaceWeather.com has suddenly “dumbed down” chemtrail clouds? Calling them Noctilucent Clouds? WTF is up with that? Guarantee those clouds help conduct HAARP waves better! Maine has been under cloud cover and rain almost ALL summer so far, it’s been horrid.

    I hope your fairing well My friend!
    Be well be safe and listen to that intuition of yours!

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