Mood Alert July 19th-20th

*Something is happening…*

Daily Mood Alert.

19th – 20th July 2009

This is a mood scenario very similar to the previous day. As such the dominating factor is the proximity of the New Moon which is now just a matter of several days away. Moods are correspondingly filled with tense nervous restlessness. In addition there will be increased anxiety and tension together with growing apprehension, stress and worry.

Inevitably at a time like this there will be a very definite disposition to raised passions and emotions with strong moods and feelings. Arguments may be swift to develop and this contentious atmosphere may result in needless confrontation.

Coming days will see a still further increase in general tension and anxiety  and some could come to feel especially pressured. This may also lead to tensions within the family setting with the potential for major disruption.

On the more positive side this mood offers plenty of zestful energy for on going schemes and ventures with an altogether more determined and ambitious outlook.

Alert is 7.5. Moon 7% illuminated.

The effects of Pluto

It should be mentioned that since early November Jupiter has been in close alignment with Pluto. We have not devoted much space to this alignment because there is some debate as to what precisely, if any, the effects of Pluto really are?

There is also some debate as to what Pluto really is. Formerly it was regarded as a planet, but has now been reclassified as a minor planet, number 134340. Unlike most of the other “planets” its discovery was quite late, and it was not until 1930 that its existence was finally confirmed, even though it had been largely predicted since 1840.

But does Pluto have any effect on moods and emotions? Here several things spring to mind. The first is that Pluto is quite remote from the Earth. The second is that Pluto is quite tiny in size – less than a fifth the mass of the Moon. Taking these two factors together it is clear that whatever effects it does have, must be slight and very subtle. The fact is we don’t really know.

As a newly discovered “planet.” there is less than a hundred years of experience to draw upon which is too little to form any firm conclusions. However the fact that Pluto does influence things is beyond doubt as it was precisely its invisible effects on other planets in the Solar system that first lead to its discovery.

You also have to take into account that because of its remoteness, alignments of Pluto with some of the other planets only come around after relatively long periods of time. For example the current Jupiter/Pluto alignment occurs only once in every 13 years, and there have been only about six since the time of its discovery. Hence any conclusions based on its mood effects must be tempered by scepticism, and this is why we have made little if any reference to this alignment. Nevertheless some authorities feel qualified to bring out likely prognostications, and with some reservation we include the likely effects of the current Jupiter/Pluto alignment which are shown below:

Jupiter/Pluto effects.

These include “the ability to make new beginnings from existing ‘worn out’ conditions…. with a tendency towards destructive, drastic, or obsessional forms of compensation for personal inadequacies.”


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