Who is watching the watchers?

TPTB are running a very effective campaign. They have managed to dumb down the population, alienate those of us that can actually think, and have made us sick.

Sooo…when will it end?

They know that something is coming…they are attempting to gain as much control as they possibly can before that ultimate day.

If you have a modicum of intelligence, creativity, philosophic thought, independent thinking…you can feel something.

Animals can feel. We seem to have lost that ability, unfortunately.

I hope we can convince some wayward souls. Alas, things do not seem very hopeful at the present time 😦

Keep yourself armed mentally and emotionally!!

2 thoughts on “Who is watching the watchers?

  1. Big Bear says:

    Keep putting the word out. More people are looking for answers, or at least asking the right questions.

    Alas, the mindless consumers will be dancing on the promenade deck as the ship slips beneath the waves. Perhaps they deserve their fate, having traded enlightenment for bling. Or is this too harsh?

  2. Your title caught my eye Heidi! Was pondering using that EXACT same title for a post, have not done much lately at T.H.A.

    Your right—what are the Watchers waiting for? If there is no genuine “global threat”–i.e. alien invasion, Global Warming, etc– do we not have enough evidence to stop those committees of 300 or Trilaterals?

    If they are waiting for 2012, because of some energetic/cosmic alignment/magnetic shift, then the ones that are “dumbing down” society can feel the squeeze and will do everything in their power to speed up agendas to avoid losing power by that time.

    Well played! 🙂

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