MSM stepping up the propaganda

I am in total awe and amazement concerning how well the media is doing in regards to brainwashing tactics.

I still wonder how the hell people can watch this garbage and not shake their heads in wonder.

Oh, well…


2 thoughts on “MSM stepping up the propaganda

  1. view voyer says:

    I have proposed an idea about how bird-strikes can be
    prevented.It involves putting a sort of ankle bracelet
    on the birds.When a bird wanders into a plane’s flightpath,
    a beam will cause the bracelet to give the bird a very
    mild shock.That should cause it to get out of the way.

    Of course the birds would have to be caught first to
    be “braceleted.”

    Would that be alright with you?

  2. Mr Mike says:

    Sadly whenone has only a limited appreciation of reality the MSM can be as fun to watch as any other cartoon or tv series 🙂

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