Five people injured in Ontario school stabbing

Five people have been injured in a knife fight that took place at a Mississauga high school Wednesday morning.

Two male students have been rushed to Credit Valley Hospital with “severe” stab wounds, according to Brad Bowie with Peel EMS.

A female teacher at St. Joseph’s Secondary School was among the injured. She suffered minor injuries when she tried to break up the fight and was not transported to hospital.

Bowie said he does not know the condition of the other two students who were injured in the melee.

Police in Peel region were called to the school, located on Creditview Road near Eglinton Avenue, just before 8:30 a.m.

Two people have been taken in for questioning but it is unclear if they are students at the school.

The school was put under lockdown for about an hour. Administrators are now sending students home and closing the school for the day as a result of the police investigation.

5 thoughts on “Five people injured in Ontario school stabbing

  1. frank l kinney says:

    high school stabbings live from canada! minority student? refugee? illegal immigrants children? welcome to the new world order? student go’s on a nut fight? psychosomatic emotional behavior problem student? violence agression from what type of person or race? multi culture high school? terrible and just simply out of order in todays new world multi culture world! the flood of change on us all today like almost overnight this change? hate violence out of order system of control the reason too! corruption? global economy change! judges over rule majority? homosexual equal rights? illegal immigrants rights? immigration of no checks or balances? results confusion chao’s anger victims? victims innocent victims! immigrants flooding every country on the globe! citizens of no country no pride no law? free bees? anything they get is better than nothing they got from where they came from period. results we suffer from diseases! crime! cost and innocent victims from it?ghetto jungle communities! anger hate is the end results? hate what we must accept has normal change for the good? homosexual marriage? homosexual adoption? convert to pervert? vietnamese immigrant cuts off head of sleeping passenger on bus going home to family? psycho brought into country without back ground check of understanding what type of person he or she truely is? vietnamsese refugees with TB brought into minnesota example of fools in immigration authority? fools? or on purpose intent? somali refugees brought into USA! 12,500 ,500 go to work for tyson meat packing plant in arkansas nine have leporsy? 300 have TB? rest have sexual diseases? what about the other 12,000 somali refugees in our country? purpose intent too you think? swine flu alert now by authorities? TRUST? student stabs three in his high school anger hate violence WHY? thats the question and reason is pretty simple LIFE in todays world sucks” without values morals law and order period. we lose gain nothing but victims from it we the people. INDEPENDENT god bless us all. AMEN.

  2. view voyeur says:

    Could this be just over a girl?

  3. Marika says:

    All your theories are inaccurate! This incident was more about ‘bruised ego’s” from a school fight that happened on Monday. Two Brothers(aged16,17) stabbed two students one in the back and one in the neck. and three others were slightly injured, superficial wounds. This is more about one of the student’s being accused of thefts, ie.cellphones etc… There was no link to racism, drugs, girls, etc…

  4. K.L says:

    i go to joes and this is just horrible, the news is saying its over drungs and such but they are wrong, ever since i can remember they have never liked each other,along with the rest of the guys in grade 11 and 12. Why only these people were attacked i dont know, and tho there was a fight on monday a bunch of guys were there not only the ones attacked, those the stabber did say ” im gona get you back, and take you to the grave”

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