An Open Letter to Mayor Bloomberg

Dear Mr. Bloomberg…

I understand that you wish to kill Canadian geese. Your remarks regarding this were cruel. Perhaps these birds are nothing but a nuisance to you…for me, they have helped me keep my sanity. These magnificent creatures interact with humans and show love to their young. I have spent the past year and a half watching and photographing these creatures. I do not understand how you can make remarks such as “There is not a lot of cost involved in rounding up a couple thousand geese and letting them go to sleep with nice dreams.”

To use cost-efficient vocabulary regarding a species is heartless. I can only hope that someday the people of your city realize that having you as mayor is not cost-efficient.

I leave you with photographs I have taken.


Baby Geese 3Goose Looking At Camera

Goose Protecting Babies CRGeese Eating


9 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Mayor Bloomberg

  1. anarchore says:

    Hey, I just fed some baby geese (and their parents) today! It seemed like one pair were really popular parents, because they had a lot more young following them, seemingly adopted from others.

    What is his problem with geese? Their manure can be used to make high quality plant food. Maybe he doesn’t want competition with his political BS? Zionist city-slicker doesn’t have an appreciation for the natural world.

    • heidilore says:

      Yes, one mommy will babysit for some of the others, which is why you saw so many young.

      They are fascinating creatures.

      Glad you aren’t calling me hippie or some other nonsense 😉

  2. Stewart says:

    Canada geese are the most beautiful creatures on the earth and I regularly take pictures and generally watch them go about their lives by the river near where I live.

    There’s a petition to stop Bloomberg’s insanity and I urge you (all) to sign up and stop this barbaric plan of his…

    Many thanks

  3. Don'tGastheGeese says:

    NYC has announced that 2,000 Canada Geese will be exterminated while they are in their molting season and unable to fly. They will be killed by gassing and the killing will begin immediately. Please contact Mayor Bloomberg and ask him to stop the killing and save the geese,.

    Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
    City Hall, New York, NY 10007
    Phone 311 (or 212-New York outside NYC)

    Tuesday, 6/16/09, from 12:00 pm -2:00 pm, join compassionate New Yorkers as we protest the killing of Canada Geese at NYC’s airports by the Port Authority. Protest will be held at Port Authority Headquarters at 225 Park Ave South close to Union Square.

  4. view voyer says:

    Do you think the geese will be cooked and fed to
    the starving,after the geese holocaust?

    • heidilore says:

      I sure as hell do not think it is something to be made light of, as you have just done.

      • view voyeur says:

        I am sorry you took it that way Heidi.

        Thinking about the situation in practical terms,
        would you rather their bodies just be dumped
        in the garbage?

      • heidilore says:

        Maybe you should be dumped in the garbage.

      • view voyeur says:

        You are beautiful when you are angry,
        but I did not mean to make you so.

        How about capturing the geese and clipping
        their wings.They then can be kept as pets,
        or shipped back to Canada to be kept.
        Canada could pay the cash-strapped City a
        reasonable amount for each goose.

        Do you like that solution Heidi?

        Are we friends again?

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