Perished Life

Perished Life

Your silent consent to the violence is reason enough to make me despise you. Your immorality and refusal to
acknowledge differences infuriates me. What will it take to force you to comprehend your actions have consequences?
You ignore the issues affecting the earth. You opt to look the other way. Your silence is servitude and must be
avenged! Your silence is slavery and you have become my enemy! Emerge from your cocoon of corporate irresponsibility.
Rise from the shadows, stop abandoning your purpose! I will not forgive my enemies. I will not forget your
systems of servitude.


June 9th, 2009


One thought on “Perished Life

  1. maburuk says:

    i deem your piece holds so much power,
    it is a master piece,
    but i hope it is not addressed to whom i think it is,

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