Hurry up already, tired of waiting


9 thoughts on “Disclosure

  1. view voyer says:

    Click inside to feed the fish while waiting.

  2. view voyer says:

    Maybe this will work

    http://www.myspace.com/Modules/PostTo/Pages?l=3&u=&t=Fish&c=%3cobject type%3d%22application%2fx-shockwave-flash%22 data%3d%22http%3a%2f%2fwidgets.clearspring.com%2fo%2f48cfe5b37f644537%2f4a302f38d0f33424%2f48cfe5b37f644537%2fe07febfd%22 id%3d%22W48cfe5b37f6445374a302f38d0f33424%22 width%3d%22296%22 height%3d%22196%22%3e%3cparam name%3d%22movie%22 value%3d%22http%3a%2f%2fwidgets.clearspring.com%2fo%2f48cfe5b37f644537%2f4a302f38d0f33424%2f48cfe5b37f644537%2fe07febfd%22 %2f%3e%3cparam name%3d%22wmode%22 value%3d%22transparent%22 %2f%3e%3cparam name%3d%22allowNetworking%22 value%3d%22internal%22 %2f%3e%3cparam name%3d%22allowScriptAccess%22 value%3d%22never%22 %2f%3e%3c%2fobject%3e

  3. view voyer says:


  4. view voyer says:

    Feed fish here in the mean time Heidi.

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  6. Beware the “Alien Agenda” hoax…Vatican stating it’s ok to welcome our alien brothers? Hollywood’s pounding into our heads for how long? Me thinks Area 51 was pure luck, the aliens didn’t survive, and that was the ONLY visitation in a long while…meantime, evil corporate black ops government reverse engineers the technology, boom we have advanced computers in years not decades, and now it’s hoax time. I think the NWO is creating the alien invasion hoax to ring in the last nail in the coffin so beware!

    Not saying they do not exist, I believe there are truly other races out there wanting to initiate contact, but I think the controllers got to the punch first. We’ll have to wait and see how it unfolds!

    Be well Heidi!

  7. View Voyer says:

    You could try out the youtube fairy job in the meantime.

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