Out of the Mouth of a Fool

In the place where apathy reigns supreme, in the land of empty stares, in the land of walking corpses–animated wastes of time.  This is our home.  Drenched in a torrent of dissension, raining down poisoned arrows, scarring the landscape, infecting us all.  Neighborhoods separated by vast gulfs of personality.  Action discouraged.  Decadence praised.  Drink from the swollen wineskin, so full of pus.  Bathe amongst the refuse and scum.  Don the cloak of deceit.  Take baleful curses to your lips.  Death to passion.  Death to innovation.  Long live assimilation.



3 thoughts on “Out of the Mouth of a Fool

  1. View Voyer says:

    Certainly you describe a sewer under Heaven my dear.
    Yet a grand city needs a sewer to remove its wastes,
    or choke on its own filth.Indeed our (Earth’s) sewer
    system may be clogged and needs to be (explosively?)

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