Today’s Thoughts

I often wish I was a clueless idiot…

That way I could understand what people and society are droning on and on about.


3 thoughts on “Today’s Thoughts

  1. Bret says:

    I understand and agree with you, my love.

  2. View Voyeur says:

    No,then I would not visit your page.

    So,a wild boar use to visit his buddy at the farm.
    They would talk through the fence about how
    one lifestyle was better than the other.

    The wild boar would talk about his freedom
    to go where he wished,when he wished.
    Sometimes times were tough and he would
    go hungry.Then there were predators to
    contend with.

    His buddy on the farm use to laugh at him
    and boasted how safe and comfortable he
    had it,that his friend should join him.

    His friend would sadly shake his head and
    refuse.He did not want to wise up his friend
    about his true circumstance on the farm,besides,
    he would not believe him any way.

    Then one day the wild boar very sadly bid
    his friend goodbye and trotted away.He
    did not wait to see the puzzled look on his
    friend’s face.

    He know that the next day was slaughtering
    day on the farm.

    His day to die would come one day,but
    he would not be going without a fight
    and in ignorance..until the last minute.

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