Dreams, nightmares

For the past week, I have been having horrible nightmares.  Dreams of aliens, warfare, apocalypse, murder, personal stuff. It is really getting difficult to sleep.

I hope nothing weird is going on, maybe the matrix is imploding lol


2 thoughts on “Dreams, nightmares

  1. Wow I had a doozie last night too!! End of a cycle, we’re getting close to June 21st my dear, so utilize that Summer Solstice energy!!

  2. Big Bear says:

    I had a strange dream a few weeks ago. I was at a picnic area with my dad and my brother. On the table was a newspaper with a large-print headline “BIDEN URGES CALM”. I wanted to talk to my dad and brother about it, but dad was telling us he had prostate cancer (early stages) and was discussing treatment options.

    I don’t know if it portends an Obama assassination. Hope not, this country’s fucked up enough already. Keeps bothering me, though.

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