Rather sad today

My roommate has been hospitalized, she has severe respitory problems and is in isolation. I am beyond concerned for her…they said at least a few days she will be there. I am going to visit tomorrow, but going to have to don the mask and gown and such. Sigh.

No updates now.


5 thoughts on “Rather sad today

  1. Mike says:

    Is that Barb who’s in the hospital? I hope she comes out OK.

  2. View Voyer says:

    I hope she gets better soon.
    Saying a prayer for her and you.

  3. Wow Heidi! Had no idea, thanks for filling me in. I hope Barb gets better really soon!!

    Take care my friend!

  4. eli says:

    Praying for a complete healing for her. and that you may feel happy soon. eli

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