Alberta government accused of hiding H1N1 information


An Airdrie middle school will remain open despite a student there testing positive for H1N1.

A letter went home to parents yesterday of students at the Ecole Airdrie Middle School, asking them to watch their children for symptoms and call Health Link before going to the doctor.

The Alberta government, however, is refusing to release the name of the school another infected child attends.

The opposition is accusing the province of hiding information about the school of the young girl currently hospitalized in Edmonton with a severe case of the flu.

Calgarians seem to agree.

The people 660News spoke with say they aren’t particularly happy that the government is holding back the information.

Many say the government shouldn’t have a problem with releasing what school the young girl goes to, especially since the virus doesn’t seem to be as serious as initially thought.

One mother says parents have the right to know, because it should be up to them to decide whether it’s safe to send their kids to a school where an infected child has gone.


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