Life…err, yeah.

Welcome, new readers. Nice to meet you.

I think many of us need to let go of fear. The media and governments feed on it. It appears that they are testing our reactions this week to a variety of situations. An airplane “situation” in NYC scaring people and sending them into panic, justifiably so…come on. Ya just gotta think here. Ooopsie, photo opportunity…yeah, sure.

Now, we have this overblown hype about a flu that might GET YOU. It is funny, if I turn on the news, they tell you not to panic…yet in the same breath, you are told that it is close to a pandemic.

HUH??? Ah, the press…a lovely riddle within the conundrum within the puzzle.

Simple, guys. Testing your reactions.

Show no fear, please.

In the meanwhile, while the hype the hell out of this “flu”, I introduce to you some pieces of the puzzle.

We are living in the asylum, and the lunatics are running it. Seems to me we are merely pawns.

Keep vigilant.



3 thoughts on “Life…err, yeah.

  1. expressreview says:

    nice blog

  2. Definitely! I agree whole-heartedly with you Heidi. The Medes are great at double-standards. Missing biological weapons, right. I don’t buy that for a minute. The military is more strict than that, there are redundancies, and methods to keep those kind of things from happening. Of course, missing biologicals will lead to stricter laws, searching for terrorists on our “home soil”, more mass panics and the media to contribute to it.

    Great scoop!

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