My thoughts on the Swine Flu

Okay. Not sure if it is time to hit the panic button yet, but there are a hell of a lot of worried people out there.

I am here to give you some advice. I am not a medical doctor, but it is common sense.

There is not a doubt in my mind that this was somehow engineered. Doing my research on the rate of dispersal. There are some troubling things I am discovering, that I will get to if this continues.

First, do not EVER let them take away your rights in the name of any sort of health emergency. Be cautious and wary of governmental interaction.

Second-I realize that this is hitting healthy people with healthy immune systems, but I still recommend you take as much vitamin D3 as possible. Colloidal silver is also a very good idea, I am also warming up to oregano. What sucks is that I am currently fairly sick…meh.

Third-Try to avoid the antibiotics. I do not see how it would be helpful in these cases. The flu is VIRAL. Antibiotics are for bacterial infections. Doctors tend to overprescribe them; irate patients tend to demand them for every sickness. This, in my humble opinion, has made health matters far worse.

You have my thoughts on this. I pray you stay well and safe.



12 thoughts on “My thoughts on the Swine Flu

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  2. jocel says:

    I also think this is some what weird, but it’s better to prevent it from getting worse, i think this was made on a lab, it’s weird how it happens to come out after the g-20 and the Latin American summit, they could be getting ready to push the amero right under our noses, who knows this could be just one of those mass experiments old papa government likes to make, i don’t understand why so many people are dying maybe it got a little out off hand, maybe they made a mistake, who knows I just hope is not a mass control of population plan.

  3. View Voyer says:

    Take care of yourself too Heidi.Wear gloves and carry spray
    disinfectant-and always make a paper seat.
    Yes,and don’t forget your mask.Better still, stay in the
    country away from cities.

  4. View Voyer says:

    The 6 liters (6,000 cc) of blood in everyone’s body dilutes 1 teaspoon (5 cc) of any type of silver of any strength down by 1,200 times “less” strength. Weak silver solutions under 500 ppm are worthless in the body against disease. E.g. A 20 ppm is diluted down to less than 1/100 of 1 ppm by blood in the body, but promoters mislead the public by saying that 20 ppm kills bacteria in the petrie dish (in vitro) without telling you: It is “not” effective in vivo (in the body) because it is diluted down 1200 times to less that 1/100 of 1 ppm by your 6 litres of blood. Promoters will not put up the information that the 6 litres of blood in everyone’s body dilutes 1 teaspoon of silver of any strength down by 1,200 times less strength. The correct solution is to have a 20 ppm solution in your bloodstream, and for that you need 4 teaspoons of 5000 ppm. This is a plain fact of Chemistry and cannot be denied. Click here to see point 8 for a complete explanation that you must use a 5000 ppm for disease.

    5,000 p.p.m.

    Moderately Severe Infections
    Mutated Colds, Virulent Flu, Aids, Lyme Disease, Eczema, (but “not” Hepatitis C). 4 teaspoons (20 cc/day) 90 day usage per year


    89.99 each
    539.94 for 6

    How to use
    Save 10.00 per BOTTLE
    You save $60.00


    5,700 p.p.m. ES7

    Moderately Severe Infections
    (As Above) and for Hepatitis C.
    Extra Strength for tissue penetration

    Free Doctor’s

    No volume Discount
    Instead you receive free Consultation with Doctor Johnson.
    Our Distributor: Dr. Scott Johnson

    No discount because you will receive free Consultation with Dr. Johnson.
    Our Distributor: Dr. Scott Johnson

    10,000 p.p.m.

    Severe Infections and Life and Death Infections
    Ebola, Dengue Fever, Malaria, SARS, West Nile 1-3 tablespoon (15-45 cc) every 4 hours 10 to 45 day usage per year


    209.99 each
    1259.94 for 6

    How to use
    Save $20.00 per BOTTLE
    You save $120.00

    10,700 p.p.m. ES7

    Severe Infections and Life and Death Infections
    (As above)
    Extra Strength for tissue penetration

    Free Doctor’s

    No volume Discount
    260.00 per bottle
    Our Distributor: Dr. Scott Johnson

    (More Expensive)
    Our Distributor: Dr. Scott Johnson

    Information presented here is for educational purposes only; this information is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional.

    Statements about products and health conditions have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Information presented here is for educational purposes only; this information is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional.
    This information is provided solely for educational and informational purposes including as a potential guideline to be used when discussing a program with a healthcare MD professional and used as a Dietary Supplement in conjunction with accepted Protocols. These products “are” allowed to be sold as “Dietary Supplements”.

    These prices are F.O.B. Lancaster, Minnesota, USA = Shipping outside of the City of Lancaster is charged at our Regular Shipping and Handling rates,
    but shipping is free on orders over 50 bottles going to any USA destination.
    On orders over 50 bottles: Credit card, or letter of credit arrangements, can be used for payment or pre-payment. and T/T, and Bank Transfer can be arranged.

    • I love your plain chemistry approach. It helps to dispel myths and lies. One big question, what kind of silver are you talking about? colloidal silver?

      Angstrom silver is only 300 ppm, but using your same no nonsense approach, angstrom silver is 99.9% useable silver so it DOES NOT require such a high PPM.

      Colloidal silver has to be digested to enter the cell. Angstrom silver Does NOT HAVE TO BE DIGESTED!

      Use pure chemistry- Angstrom is on the atomic level. Colloidal is on the Molecular level. Which is smaller.

      Atoms are the smallest so the atomic level is smaller. In liquid minerals, SIZE DOES MATTER!

      check it out


  5. Mark from Indiana says:

    I agree that this may be engineered and that we need to be concerned and cautious. At the same time, I’ve come to see the world much as Heidi-Lore does; a world that has “devolved” — where a downward trajectory has been followed rather than one that is upward.

    We (white people), have been, for decades, fed a series of virulent and self-destructive lies — and we, by and large, have bought them to our own detriment and destruction.

    This may sound somewhat harsh: but it would be fine with me if this epidemic decimated the population of Mexico — without hurting too many white Americans.

    By the same token: it will be fine with me when American forces pull back from and then leave Iraq if they (the Iraqis of whatever kind) descend into a civil war where they kill off most of their population. I believe the same will happen in Iran — and also the Jews and Palestinians will eventually murder each other completely; so they are both gone.

    I see nothing wrong with these sorts of corrections. The latest economic meltdown in America was caused by wrong-doing; mostly the wrong-doing of predatory Jewish financiers; doing exactly what they’ve always done: swindle other people.

    We needed this correction in America and in Canada — and we need the physical corrections as well where entire populations of Mexicans or Arabs or Jews are wiped out.

    This then will open the door to the renaissance of Aryan people, world-wide — where we can reclaim who we are; our past, present, and future — and have the dominion over the planet that was foreseen thousands of years ago.

    We, however, have to take back our race, and stop believing the lies. We have to come to know the truth and ourselves and unite in common cause; and then rise together again.

    So — let them wipe each other out. This is good; and will be ALL for our benefit.

  6. G.A. says:

    The U.S. is lying about the so called swin flue, for political reasons (as always, they need someone to blame) in order to save face. “50 people have contacted the swin flu and not one has dead in the U.S.?” In Mexico, 100 people have died? The U.S. has more or less about 35,000 cases of the flu deaths per year, way more than Mexico. Those people in Mexico have dead for a smart flu Bomb that kills only Mexicans and spares Americans? The people who are dying from the flu in the U.S., the Medical establishment for Embarrassment and blame, In order to save face and promote the lies will simply say “it was some other flu. Is this some type of intelligent test? “MAN ARE AMERECANS STUPID” do you think you’re kidding the world? You’re not. Mexico knows exactly what you doing; they have a long History of Americas stupidity and crap. I don’t care if it’s the lizard flu the American who died or dead

  7. charliedw says:

    I can’t believe I read what I’ve just read, as a white person myself I find your comments are shameful. Free speach is one thing, but I wouldn’t allow your comments on my blog.

    View Voyer:
    In general, I agree with what you say about concentrations of silver in colloidal silver. However, that applies to colloidal silver made to the old 1924 patent. The advanced silver solution to the 2006 patent can be just as effective (if not more so) at much lower concentrations.

  8. Kellene says:

    Yes, we recommend colloidal silver and oil of oregano as well. You have a fascinating blog.

    • oregano, peppermint, thyme and any of the hot oils are great for the flu.
      Eat as much garlic, onions, peppers, well…Salsa! hot type foods are naturally anti-flu.

      Zinc and silver are flu killers. Not colloidal silver, Angstrom silver is stronger. Not in PPM but in useful silver. you do not need high ppm when 99.9 % of the ppm is bioavailable compared to 6 to 10% of colloidal silver

  9. Michael Rose says:

    Why single out “dietary supplements” that by law are not permitted to make any therapeutic claims anyway?

    NO scientific data can possibly exist anywhere in the world supporting ANYTHING to treat ANY previously-unknown strain of flu.

    How can ANY scientific data possibly be collected within the very few hours since vials of supersynthesized retrovirus from the Fort Detrick military bio-warfare labs were strategically injected with KGB-spymaster precision tactics into a population of naturally-resistant Mexican guinea pigs?

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