No more webbot reports

I have removed the copyrighted material…I am working on a way to post it so that I do NOT get into trouble. Please allow time to tweak it. If you want the report, which I have in my possession, write to me at and I will send in the interem. Thanks, I apologize profusely.



25 thoughts on “No more webbot reports

  1. unitary says:

    I love this blog!

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks for the posting of this report. I’ve seen a small portion of what might be an intro to pg. 6 but there are no details. Please post anything additional you come up with. This is (or could be) pretty important stuff.

  3. Sad says:

    This may be the last copy left of the Alta report. ATS has deleted the thread, as have most of the other sites. And part six is still unanswered…

  4. Carli says:

    Thank you SO much for posting this!

  5. Lynne B says:

    I’m going to purchase the report for myself from as is appropriate, but thank you for enough information to make me decide to part with my money.

  6. suzie813 says:

    Thanks for posting this in its entirety. It appears to have been pulled from the ATS site (while I was in the middle of the comment section – how rude).

    • heidilore says:

      I did not realize it had been removed. I do not intend on removing this unless absolutely necessary. In either case, if you stumble upon this blog entry, copy it to your computer!

  7. TheGasMan says:

    You do realize that this is copyrighted material don’t you you? I suggest that you delete the said material ASAP. Deleting my replies does not mean you were not warned. Cease and desist will be next.

    • heidilore says:

      I did not delete your replies, moron. Do you notice that replies have to be APPROVED? I am not usually here 24 hours a day, mmm kay? As for your suggestion, have your attorney contact me. Thanks.

      • TheGasMan says:

        Whatever you say Heidi. I clearly saw my reply posted earlier and upon my return it was removed. You will be contacted soon. Have a nice day.

      • heidilore says:

        I will not argue with you, but it was never approved, considering I woke up about 20 minutes ago…ah well, believe what you wish.

      • heidilore says:

        GasMan, you are correct about the copyright. I will take this blog post down once I get home this afternoon. I got irritated when you accused me of deleting your replies.

        People, you have a couple of hours to peruse it…at which time it will be gone.

      • Cherry2449 says:

        Thank you SO much for posting this. I wanted to share the link at ATS this morning and it has been disabled. Furthermore, after 3 hours of looking, yours was the only copy of this report I could fine. I have copied it and printed it and woudl reccomend others do the same.

  8. pynner says:

    “They have been wrong before and have read the information wrong ie: earthquakes in Dec. – but that quake was Madoff – which came out exactly the day they said an earthquake would happen. Though the Madoff news did shake everyone up.”


    Not only did the madoff thing happen, but there was a twin disaster too… the PWN was shut down to to record breaking cold and snow.
    while they were wrong about the type of EQ, they hit everything else..
    but you would know that if you read the reports.

  9. Gusan says:

    How very very extremly strange!
    This is the first time i have seen such reaccion to a copywrighted material beeing published on the net.

    Heidi; what are ths people threating to do to you? All over the net the reaccions is FEAR.

    Very strange.

  10. Tombliwho says:

    Just to let you know that it has not been removed from ATS it has been moved to a private section which members can access if they are willing to spend some of their points. It was not moved because of the staff there, it was at the OP’s request. It has a small section of the fabled part 6 but only small, if you have it Heidilore id much like a copy.:)

    • heidilore says:

      So I can legally post it? I would really appreciate somebody that can give me some expert advice here. This needs to be out there, but unsure how to proceed.

      • Tombliwho says:

        I wouldnt know about the legal requirements, but supposedly in the private section it will not affect the webbots data collection which seem to be the main problem the bot guys have.

  11. beej says:

    torrent file, then his lawyers can go after everyone with all their spare time

  12. heidilore says:

    Thanks for the support, guys. I am being inundated with emails, be patient, I will get to all of you đŸ™‚

    Be careful.


  13. Matt says:

    TBH, i’m glad this information has been removed, the Web Bot guys reveal plenty of relevant information through radio talk shows and through the Urban Survival website.

    The fact that this information is on websites is going to create a feedback element and screw up possible future predictions from the web bots.

    As much as i found the information in the ALTA report interesting, i’d prefer the project to keep going rather than grind to a halt from irresponsible information being releasted in this way.

    ‘Tis bad Karma

  14. […] No more webbot reports I have removed the copyrighted material…I am working on a way to post it so that I do NOT get into trouble. […] […]

  15. Wayne Masters Jr says:

    Hey “Gas Man”,

    I don’t know about anybody else here, but I want to see you provide proof of Copyright ownership – now.


  16. alberto says:


    can you please sent me old alta reports. I only got the 1309, will love to read all others.

    Thanks, Alberto

  17. Vatican burner says:

    found th elast two reports here

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