Independence of Texas? Ha!

*Agreed, George.*

Among the many ‘tea parties’ that were held on Tax Day, April 15th this year, the one here in Texas that had republicorp governor Rick Perry seems to be the one garnering the most attention.  Sporting headlines like “Perry fires up anti-tax crowd” the coverage seems to me to be a major distraction from the country’s immediate problems at hand which are largely economic and environmental in nature; not to mention the need to figure out how to build a sustainable economic not just from the balance sheet perspective, but also to live within limits of resources.

Fanned by headlines coming from outfits like Fox News ( “Governor Says Texans May Want to Secede From Union But Probably Won’t“) the reports would seem to suggest that Texas is really planning to demand accountability from the Obama administration, especially when it comes to federal spending.

But wait!  Something doesn’t quite feel right about such stories.  I think I might know why:  This has all the appearances of good ‘street theatre’.  Wonder why I think that?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Johnny-coming-lately ‘patriotic fervor’ which has supposedly driven Texas government to threaten to send troops to the Mexican Border, and now this latest independence talk, seems to have arrived concurrently with president Obama’s election to the White House.  But where were Rick Perry and his cohorts during the Bush reign?  I didn’t hear about Rick Perry mobilizing state resources to build a border fence then….

I also seem to remember the Perry folks were supporting the Trans-Texas Corridor, which has WorldNetDaily headlined back in 2006 at “Trans-Texas Corridor paved with campaign contributions?”  This is a mirage project: When too much reporting and opposition pops up, it’s shelved, only to be reincarnated under different names within a month or two…quite amusing, actually.

For another, Texas has been busily selling off lucrative Texas tollway operations to private contractors under the guise of small government.  Yeah, I know, “How does that work?  Taxpayers foot the bill for highways to get built and then the state sells off operating rights to private outfits?” And when talk surfaces in Washington about legislation that would bar private operation of any highway built with federal dollars, state boyz seem to get all worked up…well of course!

Fine questions all…but here’s the simple point of this morning’s first item:  When I see folks out whipping up the ‘tea party’ sentiment, I ask myself “Is this part of a sincere, ongoing effort that was spawned before the Bushco republicorps lost first sitting at the teat of lobbyists?  Or, has it arisen more recently?

Pardon my pointing this out, but seems to me that it’s more bluster and braggadocio…Why weren’t Perry et all defending our border and not selling off roads when you-know-who was in DC?  Couldn’t be that this is just more hype and BS designed to keep folks from thinking about the real issues?  I mean like “Follow the money” or government by high bidders now, could it?

Meantime, all this frenzy whipping has folks wondering if Rick Perry maybe doesn’t have higher aspirations politically.  Stories like “Rick Perry: Tea party darling” hint in that direction.

In the bigger scheme of things, this is all such a charade; the right versus left retooled with new issues all the while behind the scenes, the folks with the money are pulling the strings to make sure their have versus have-not’s games continue unobstructed.  Change?  My butt.

The hell of it is – it seems to be working.  I’ll just let ya’ll get sucked into the partisan game…have fun.

4 thoughts on “Independence of Texas? Ha!

  1. View Voyer says:

    Be careful at checkpoints.

  2. View Voyer says:

    Bunker Report 4/17/09 Part 1of 2

    Bunker Report 4 17 09 Part 2 of 2

  3. View Voyer says:

    Reality check

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