March Dreams

*I am going to start posting the dreams I have. I will not use last names to protect the innocent…lol. As usual, if any of these dreams resonate with you…or they mean something…please email me or leave a comment. Thank you!!*

March 5th

I was in a room, like a laboratory. There were flies all over the place. They were dangerous and carrying diseases. We were trying to put the flies into little petri dishes. We had two flies in each covered dish, and there were six dishes in total.

March 7th

I was in an elevator and I could shape-shift and change form with my mind.

March 10th

I was in school. Amy was sitting next to me. We were taking a test. There were Nike shoes all over the place. with green and orange swishes. I think I was taking a test to win the shoes.

March 24th

I was in the old apartment in Rock Island. I kept trying to find the mail key, but I could not. I was getting letters from a younger man I was in love with. He was going to stop by the apartment.

March 27th

I was looking at the computer monitor and a message popped up, saying there was a very large earthquake in Tennessee.


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