Jeff Rense files criminal charges against Alex Jones

*Hmmm….infighting, again.*

Jeff Rense has filed a formal police report charging Alex Jones of with interstate terrorism and threats. According to Mr. Rense: “This is all about Jones…who called me at home last Tuesday afternoon just past 1pm and threatened to “destroy” me (and my family).

Rense says he will be moving his radio show to two new networks as a result of his spat with Jones.

Alex Jones was allegedly enraged by Rense’s posting of a link to this article

That quotes from Alex Jones’s website’s comments pages to question whether or not Jones is in fact a Zionist agent. Rense also provided the following link to an audio clip where Jones is again threatening somebody.

My take on this is that while Alex Jones avoids the subject of Zionism and has a huge ego, he clearly attacks key institutions like the Bilderbergers and has played a great role in awakening many people to the dangers of the New World Order. It is a classic illuminati trick to infiltrate opposition groups and then get them to start fighting each other. Alex Jones should not have to censor information that his wife and kids are Jewish. Instead of threatening Mr. Rense personally, he should have attacked the content of the article about him. He should also, as I do, wear his Jewish connection like a badge of honour and fight against the Zionist gangsters on behalf of righteous Jews and all humans everywhere. Remember the essence of Judaism is the Golden Rule and it applies to all peoples and not just Jews. Mr. Jones should apologize to Mr. Rense. A request for a comment from Mr. Jones has not been answered at the time of writing this. Finally, I would like to remind him of an Asian saying: “the powerful eagle hides his claws.” The enemy is too powerful for truth seekers to waste energy fighting each other.


41 thoughts on “Jeff Rense files criminal charges against Alex Jones

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  2. Bobby says:

    Pretty difficult to understand what is going on in the conspiracy world nice of you to post this info.

  3. ziofascism says:

    I don’t believe the article was ever listed at Rense, I actually checked a few times last week and there were links to but not that story… very curious.

  4. Rob says:

    NO–Ziofascism; I Did see the Brother Kapner[sp.?] story, which included allusions to Jones, among others.

  5. Jimmy Juste says:

    Jones ought to wake up. If the Mossad did not commit 911, I will eat my hat. Explain the foreknowledge of the dancing Israelis. To put it on to Arabs or the CIA (the gang who couldnt shoot straight) is ludicrous.

    The US only had supportive involvement through Cheney, etc. The sophistication of this HAD to have come from those exceptionally experienced at false flag treachery–who else than the Mossad? Explain otherwise the pre-planted thermite.

    This is ALL going to be largely accepted in time, and Jones will look like a fool. And also look like a fool for not being critical of Zionism now.

      • beijingyank says:

        Alex protests too much.

        This windbag Jones loves screaming like a mental patient about his First Amendment rights. Then this two faced idiot makes sure his forum page is run like TASS. Any dissenting voice on his forum is quickly banned.

        Wow! Alex’s personal lawyer is Bronfman’s lawyer. Now this is quite a feather to put into one’s zionist cap. His kids and wife are Jewish.

        So was it Alex’s lawyer that helped him predict 911 two months before “the event?”

        Now everyone knows Alex is a zionist shill, his message is designed as rubbish and his following will fade when they learn about Alex the zionist shill.

        Alex could make a great living as a clown or carnival barker. He is to be laughed at. That’s his job. He does it well.

  6. anarchore says:

    Rense didn’t actually file charges, hopefully this will blow over very quickly… as for AJ he does expose the Bilderbergers and increases distrust of government; which is a good thing. With everything, don’t put all trust in the demagogues, think for yourself.

  7. trill coupa says:

    I was on the fence about Jones for years.. I never liked his style personally, but I would recommend his movies friends of mine who had short attention spans. I’ve come to realize that Alex Jones is toxic.

  8. Henry Li says:

    Proof that AJ’s wife and kids are Jewish? The link to RealJewNews was on Rense’s site, but has since been removed. Don’t you think AJ will reach more people if he doesn’t blame all the world’s troubles exclusively on the shoulders of Jews? The masses need to wake up and being a hater like Rense or “Brother” Kapner will turn off most people, before they hear the truth.

  9. sunru says:

    Hi, nice site!
    Criminal charges? oh no, seriously the dude should move on and forget about. Alex will BE ALEX.
    Well I warned Jeff, sent him emails about about focusing too heavily on the Jewish issue will only cause narrow mindedness, to no avail.
    I think I’m disappointed in Jeff, and quiet frankly the realjewnews article is poorly written poorly research and somewhat raises my suspicions in regards to Br Nathanael. Attacking Alex like he did, seemed..somewhat, unchristian like? I think Jeff is an extreme FOOL in this regard, Alex will be Alex (*yawn*). As a long time subscriber to (nearly 10 years!)I may not renew my annual subscription. I’ve never had ONE submitted article posted, but some SH*T STIRRER gets a posts and causes chaos! Predictable!

    I’m so glad putting my full name in Google brings up nothing!
    Ego maniacs, glory seekers, status seekers. I love my cat and my art!

  10. anarchore says:

    Jeff Rense is a hater? OK!

    I replied to a post on, where they featured neocon Ezra Levant as some kind of freespeech hero.

    This story had 30 comments yesterday. Today it has 25. The comments about J-wish censorship that I saw were erased. The comments below, from me were erased.

    Zionists have infiltrated Jones’ organization and just like any other Zionist group, they don’t like conflicting opinions, like below where I expose Levant as a neocon Zionist. Is the word Zionist now banned? Is exposing that you can’t criticize J-ws in Canada banned from infowars?

    My censored comments below:

    Ezra Levant is a Zionist neocon, supported Iraq war, supports war in Afghanistan, and the only reason he is a celebrity is because he offended Muslims. Those who oppose the Zionist warmongers, like Arthur Topham of , face the HRT’s in obscurity.

    The media got all up in arms about Steyn and Levant, because they criticize Muslims; if you face the tribunals for criticizing Zionists like so many less famous Canadians have, no one in the mainstream will come to your defence.

  11. Ed Ward, MD says:

    The 911 WTC “Traces of Tritium” Lie Is Obstruction of Justice by Accessories to Murder
    This is not ‘rocket science’, just basic math, law and lies.

    1. “Obstruction of Justice” – – “hiding evidence” is part of the classic textbook definition of Obstruction of Justice. To “conceal” or lie about evidence of a crime makes one an accessory after the fact to that crime.

    2. Trace definition as it applies to quantity:
    Occurring in extremely small amounts or in quantities less than a standard limit (In the case of tritium, this standard level would be 20 TUs – the high of quoted standard background levels.).

    3. The stated values of tritium from the DOE report “Study of Traces of Tritium at the World Trade Center”. “A water sample from the WTC sewer, collected on 9/13/01, contained 0.164±0.074 (2ó) nCi/L (164 pCi/L +/- 74 pCi/L – takes 1,000 trillionths to = 1 billionth) of HTO. A split water sample, collected on 9/21/01 from the basement of WTC Building 6, contained 3.53±0.17 and 2.83±0.15 nCi/L ( 3,530.0 pCi/L +/- 170 pCi/L and 2,830 pCi/L +/- 150 pCi/L), respectively. Pico to Nano converter – Nano to Pico converter –

    4. 1 TU = 3.231 pCi/L (trillionths per liter) or 0.003231 nCi/L (billionths per liter) – – (My original TU calculations came out to 3.19 pCi/L, but I will gladly accept these referenced minimally higher values. )

    5. In 2001 normal background levels of Tritium are supposedly around 20 TUs (prior to nuclear testing in the 60’s, normal background tritium water levels were 5 to 10 TUs – ). However, groundwater studies show a significanlty less water concentration:
    Groundwater age estimation using tritium only provides semi-quantitative, “ball park” values:
    • <0.8 TU indicates submodern water (prior to 1950s)
    • 0.8 to 4 TU indicates a mix of submodern and modern water
    • 5 to 15 TU indicates modern water (<5 to 10 years)
    • 15 to 30 TU indicates some bomb tritium But, instead of “5 to 15 TU” (which would make the increase in background levels even higher), I will use 20 TUs as the 2001 environmental level to give all possible credibility to the lie of “Traces”.

    6. Let’s calculate the proven referenced facts. Tritium level confirmed in the DOE report of traces of tritium = 3,530 pCi/L (+/- 170 pCi/L, but we will use the mean of 3,530 pCi/L).
    3,530 pCi/L (the referenced lab value) divided by the backgroud level of 20TUs (20 X 3.231 p (1 TU = 3.21 pCi/L) = 64.62 pCi/L as the high normal background/standard level. 3,530 divided by 64.62 pCi/L = 54.63 TIMES THE NORMAL BACKGROUND LEVEL. 3,530 pCi/L divided by 3.231 pCi/L (1 TU) = 1,092.54 TUs

    7. This is my ‘fave’ because lies tend to eat their young. Muon physicist Steven Jones calls 1,000 TUs “The graphs below show that hydrogen-bomb testing boosted tritium levels in rain by several orders of magnitude. (Ref.: ) – Yet, calls the EXACT SAME LEVELS quoted in nCi/L as “Traces” and “These results are well below the levels of concern to human exposure…”. Interesting isn’t it.

    8. Thomas M. Semkowa, Ronald S. Hafnerc, Pravin P. Parekha, Gordon J. Wozniakd, Douglas K. Hainesa, Liaquat Husaina, Robert L. Rabune. Philip G. Williams and Steven Jones have all called over 1,000 TUs of Tritium, “Traces”. Even at the height of nuclear bomb testing – after thousands of Megatons of nuclear testing – 98% of the rainwater tests were 2,000 TUs or less.

    9. Over one year ago, Steven Jones, Alex Jones, Fetzer, Wood, most of the “BYU crew”, most of the so called “911 Truth” groups/sites and indeed the public at large have been notified by me of the falseness of the “Traces” lie, but instead of promoting the truth and addressing it, have simply run from it and seem to be doing all in their power to suppress it.

    10. It is also important to note that the tritium present was diluted by at least some portion of 1 million liters of water accounting for BILLIONS of TUs.

    Thermate, C4, Micro Nukes Prove 911 Was an Inside/Outside Job.

    The above are my opinion based on the proven referenced facts.

    Ed Ward, MD

  12. Don Nobinger says:

    The following article about the Dancing Israelis has been on Jones website for years Jimmy.

    Have you seen this video?

    Now, who looks like a FOOL Jimmy?

    I listen to Alex and Jeff and both have their faults! Alex is often rude and cuts off callers before they have finished their comments. I think it would be better if he didn’t take calls… like Jeff Rense.

    Jeff Rense covers a lot of NEW AGE TRASH and does not claim to be a Christian. Both provide a lot of valuable information but you have to be DISCERNING!

    Jeff had a link to the following PROSTINK video on his home page where Alex is cussing out the guy from PROSTINK. It looks like it has been removed now.

    Who knows why Alex Jones is mad at Prothink?

    I don’t know why anyone would consider this to be news. Anyone that listens to Alex already knows that he has a bad temper. Of course after watching the first minute of PROSTINKS video where he accuses 9/11 Truthers of trying to DESTROY AMERICA I was ready to Pop the PROSTINK guy in the Chops and cuss him out myself. Here is the link to the PROSTINK video I am talking about…

    If Rense had posted a link to the first video and then a statement with the second video stating that…

    THIS IS WHY ALEX JONES IS MAD AT PROSTINK… then that would have been reporting all sides of the issue.

    Jeff had to know that Alex would be furious with him for posting links to information that makes Alex look bad and that Alex would do something stupid because of his bad temper.

    What Jeff says about Alex threatening him and vice versa is nothing but HEARSAY until EVIDENCE has been provided. The truth probably is that neither one is telling the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.

    Of course, it is easier to believe what Jeff says about Alex threatening him because Alex has a bad temper and Jeff is so cool and calm but you have to ask yourself…

    Why is Rense attempting to make Jones look bad PUBLICLY when the only result can be to DIVIDE the Patriot movement?

    When leaders of the Patriot Movement have a problem with one another they need to fight it out in PRIVATE and not in PUBLIC. When they do it PUBLICLY it just DIVIDES the Patriots! DIVIDE AND CONQUER is a scheme that works well for the Enemy so what was Rense thinking?

    I think Rense owes Jones an apology.

    Don Nobinger

  13. whatever says:

    Jones has said that his wife is “part jewish,” but everything else in the realjewnews article was just speculation. they don’t know whether or not her jew-parts are from a maternal line or not.

  14. sunru says:

    Desperate times calls for desperate measures? Lets throw this symbol into the equation – “$”.
    If Jeff is losing market to Alex, then what market is left?
    Thats right, the white-supremest, all hating racist America. They all hate Alex right? Because hes a Jew…er apparently?
    An everyone is a “Jew” until proven otherwise with these guys. has evolved into nothing more than a racist rat hole.
    Bro. Nathaneal is idiot but Jeff is a bigger idiot.
    This is a comment directly from Jeff’s mouth live on air.

    “Oh, just because they don’t have a jewish surname don’t mean they are not jewish, we all know they change their names”.

    Hes on dangerous ground.

    Even with so called “jewish” surnames. By that logic, that would mean that Jews make up a huge proportion of the worlds population.
    I’m sure there’s a Jew walking around somewhere with the surname of “Rense”. So I guess that makes Jeff a Jew, what a paradox, what an idiot, what a disappointing situation for long time listeners (That he ignores).

    Jeff has fallen a couple of notches below Alex and I’ve never been a fan of Alex.

  15. Alex Jones lost all credibility in my eyes when he started claiming that Hollywood is controlled by the Saudis.

    Unlike Jones, Rense has had people like Mark Weber from the IHR on his show discussing the holohoax and the imprisonment of Ernst Zuendel.

    Is Jones a Zionist shill? Yeah, I think he is. What else could a guy who blames Nazis and “Germanic death cults” for everything the Jews have done be?

  16. “Don’t you think AJ will reach more people if he doesn’t blame all the world’s troubles exclusively on the shoulders of Jews?”

    Far better that he blames Germans, Saudis, and Texas oil billionaires, right?

    He could at least have the balls to invite some holocaust revisionists onto his show, or a scholar like Kevin MacDonald to talk about how Jewish organizations were largely responsible for overturning the immigration laws that brought about the flood of non-white immigration hitting the States today. Or how about having someone on to talk about the Israel lobby?

    It is possible to talk about Jewish power without blaming every ill on the planet on Jews, but Jones won’t even do that. I call that misdirection, not caution.

  17. “Why is Rense attempting to make Jones look bad PUBLICLY when the only result can be to DIVIDE the Patriot movement?”

    When was the “patriot movement” ever united? About all that the patriotard movement has ever amounted to are squabbling radio talk show personalities, as much in the days of Bill Cooper as in this day of Alex Jones.

    “DIVIDE AND CONQUER is a scheme that works well for the Enemy so what was Rense thinking?”

    Who is “the Enemy”? I think that’s a vital question. IMO, Jones isn’t being honest about who the enemy is. Rense is being a little more honest about it. You can’t very well have a united movement when the “leaders” can’t agree on who the real enemy is (or even on what the real problem is — Jones makes a show of being against illegal immigration, and yet he’s constantly promoting multiculturalism and multiracialism, and even inviting black racists onto his show).

    Personally, I think Jones is a fraud, a distraction, a Judas goat, and it doesn’t bother me a bit to see him being exposed as such.

  18. “Thats right, the white-supremest, all hating racist America.”

    Just curious… what is your nationality? To what racial or ethnic group do you belong?

    To me you sound like an anti-white racist.

    But in a sense you’re right: race is going to become the dividing line over the next few decades, and anyone who refuses to talk about it, like Alex Jones, isn’t going to have an audience left.

  19. I just remembered this…

    I used to subscribe to a magazine called Nexus. It covered a lot of the same ground as Jeff Rense’s show; lots of New Age and paranormal mumbo-jumbo but mixed into that were some well-researched articles challenging commonly-held beliefs about global warming, fluoridation, vegetarianism, saturated fats, etc. There was, however, one “forbidden” subject that the magazine conspicuously avoided — the Jewish Question.

    I naively imagined that the editor was avoiding it because he hadn’t looked into it, or perhaps because he was afraid to talk about it. I sent a letter to the magazine for their reader letters section but it was never published. It mentioned how holocaust revisionists were being imprisoned, and suggested that maybe the reason they were being imprisoned was because some of what they were saying was true. I was genuinely surprised when this letter wasn’t published (though I shouldn’t have been), since Nexus run a lot of stories about censorship, infringements on privacy and “human rights,” etc. They have NEVER, to my knowledge, printed a news item mentioning the imprisonment of revisionists in Europe.

    That the magazine didn’t print this letter, or at least make some effort to address the subject in its pages, irritated me so much that I didn’t bother renewing my subscription.

    Race and the Jewish Question are what seperates the boys from the men in the “truth” business. If an Alex Jones or a Nexus Magazine aren’t giving you the whole, unvarnished truth, then for God’s sake, give your money to someone who will. Stop making excuses for these people: “they’re afraid of losing their audience,” “they don’t want to be accused of racism or anti-Semitism,” etc. These are the people who claim to be giving you the whole truth and nothing but the truth, who claim to be providing an alternative to the controlled mainstream media. They have no excuse. True, in some countries they may be limited in what they can say by “holocaust denial” or “hate speech” laws, but Nexus could have at the very least reported on what was happening to these revisionists. That they wouldn’t tells me that they must agree with it.

    Don’t make any mistake: Alex Jones knows damn well about the Jewish role in the “New World Order.” If he doesn’t bring it up on his show and in his documentaries, it’s not because he’s ignorant of the facts, or afraid of losing his listeners or sponsors; it’s because he’s covering for them.

  20. “The masses need to wake up and being a hater like Rense or ‘Brother’ Kapner will turn off most people, before they hear the truth.”

    Dude, Rense is telling people “the truth,” and you’re calling him a hater for it. Maybe you need to wake up.

    • heidilore says:

      It is the new world, Igor…one is not allowed to question 😉

    • UGK says:

      You imbecile. Zionists are different from normal Jews.
      Zionists hide behind Christianity as much as Jewdaism.
      So you are being an anti-semite if you keep using the word ‘jew’ to describe the illuminati.
      The British Royal family and the rest of the illuminati are not Jews. They are white European zionists.
      Jews are simply a smokescreen for zionists to hide behind

  21. “The comments about J-wish censorship that I saw were erased.”

    “J-wish,” “J-ws”?

  22. FEMAisNWO says:

    Divide and conquer is the game. The cointelpro trolls put hateful nonsense on his site, which he does not filter, he gets the blame, and it puts a wedge between him and Mr. Jones. Try googling “Ron Paul racist”, and you’ll see how they did the same thing to him – trying to make him look bad by putting racist nonsense on his site, which he did not censor at the time.

  23. Jan says:

    What has been AMAZING about all of this is that I have REGULARLY seen ANTI ISRAEL articles on Alex’s site. I have also heard him slam Zionism many many times on his program.

    The people calling him a zionist are retarded, or not at all listening to his show!!! He has exposed Israel’s war crimes in Gaza extensively as well.

    The disinfo campaign about this is bizzarre. I don’t even like Jones that much but I’m not going to sit here and listen to people flat out lie.

    Jeff Rense is a scumbag for posting that easily debunkable article.

    Even the people calling Alex a Jesuit Shill make more sense.

    When you hear stuff about someone, INVESTIGATE WHAT THEY REALLY SAY. Alex has been extensively anti zionist and you people look like fools for saying otherwise.

  24. Igor Alexander says:

    “What has been AMAZING about all of this is that I have REGULARLY seen ANTI ISRAEL articles on Alex’s site. I have also heard him slam Zionism many many times on his program.”

    So he occasionally criticizes Israel. So what?

    Other than that, does he talk about the Jewish domination of the mass media and academia? Does he talk about how hate speech laws are largely lobbied for by Jewish organizations? Does he bother correcting historically inaccurate nonsense such as that Hitler was a gun grabber? Does he invite holocaust revisionists on his show, or talk about the Jewish role in communism? Apart from occasionally criticizing Israel, does he even really talk about the Israel *lobby* in America (I don’t really care about Israel proper; what I care about is Jewish lobbying on behalf of Israel in *my* country)? Does he discuss how it was primarily Jews who opened our borders, or how the “civil rights” movement was largely led by Jews?

    And if not, why not?

    My point, and one which many, many people in the conspiracy subculture don’t grasp, is that if you embrace multiculturalism and multiracialism, you are embracing one of the central tenets of the New World Order!

    I’m sorry, but Jones simply isn’t being honest in how he’s dealing with these subjects.

    I’m reminded of this quote by Simon Sheppard (who’s sitting in jail right now for articles he published in his website):

    “Determined conspiracy-hunters will accept practically any crackpot theory on which to base their futile speculations but the real conspiracy, which is staring them in the face, is taboo.” –Simon Sheppard,

  25. Igor Alexander says:

    I just downloaded Alex Jones’s latest documentary, The Obama Deception. I notice a fella named Rob Jacobson appears prominently in the credits. Anyone want to take a stab at Mr. Jacobson’s ethnicity?

    It’s quite simple: Anytime that Jews get a foothold somewhere, criticizing them becomes verboten. It’s as true of Alex Jones as it is of Jared Taylor and AmRen. At AmRen, you can criticize blacks, mestizos, and Arabs all you want; just don’t ever say that it was Jews who opened our borders, Jews who headed the civil rights movement, and Jews that promoted the idea that race is a “social construct.”

    So Jones is not only married to one, he also has one on his team. Small wonder that he has nothing bad to say about them.

  26. freethinker says:

    who gives a shit if he posted an article. he didnt write it. and why should rense CENSOR someones research. your the one who decides what to beleive. reading alot of these comments makes me wanna puke! who the hell was the guy calling theese guys leaders. ‘SIMON SAYS’!!!!! THEY BOTH GIVE YOU INFO . SOME GOOD SOME BAD.
    Heres something scary. So i bought a xbox360 game called FALLOUT3. really really truthtelling game. however one must have a VAST knowledge of the “”BIG PICTURE”” . anyhow, there is a part of the game where you travel to D.C. and need to go to the American History Museum. when you walk in front of the building you cant help but notice the pharonic headresses on the heads of what looks exactly like B O ! as in BARACKHENATON. it gets deeper much deeper!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. chain says:

    I like both Alex and Jeff, yeah Alex can be a bit of pompous ass and Jeff suffers from Jew rot.
    But imo Jeff shouldn’t have posted that hit piece on his site Alex wouldn’t have posted a hit piece on Jeff e.g., some crap form wingtv or whatever it is/was called.
    Stupid move on Jeff’s part.

    That flare up between Art Bell and David John Oates was more entertaining and black and white.

    • necia bouck says:

      just a comment on art bell as i livedin pahrump for two year and i used to consider art a hero ha!!untik i woke up to all the nwo information,illuminati ,mason things so i cheked out his old sie and i have listend almost from the startof arts show and saw all the symbols which he changed btw and heard him on one show say to a caller are youa felow travler/ hmm thenthe final proof was his wing nut comments to fans who supported an 911 inside job after he had tha crap piece on popular mecanics article and thos nwo liRS..HE LOST ALLCREDIBILITYTHEN AND I GO OVER OLD SHOWS AND LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY.I KNOW IT IS HIS PERSONAL BUSINESS BUTI DO NOT BUY THE FEW MONTS ATERRAMONAS DEATH ? TO ME ALSO AND HIS NEW WIFEY HMM HE COUD AVE HAD SOME RESTRIANT TO MAKE ITLOOK LESS DISPICABL (NOT SAYING HE SHOULD NOTLOVE AGIAN ETC BUT WE ARE TALKING UNKONOW WOMAN MET ON A CHAT SITE IN THE PHILLIPINES WHO NEVER HEARD HAHAH OF HIM REALLY MR BELL YOU DO THINK WE ARE USELESSEATERS

  28. Ben says:

    Alex Jones is a nut job period! He steals everybody else’s work and reads his list of information on air of facts and figures, even when he’s being interviewed! I knew soon as Jeff just linked to that article by the very wacky Bro Kapner that Alex would go ballistic.But Jeff just posted it, so what! Alex should have addressed Bro Kapner and not attacked Jeff.What a moron, he really is. And yes Alex Jones is a greedy stooge and an obsequious one at that.Has anybody heard him sucking up to George Noory on coast -to-coast-am? Its perverted Noory is none the wiser about this idiot! Anything to get new morons buying useless stuff.I mean listeners! LOL.

  29. Opassion says:

    Lies. All lies. revolution against tyranny.
    Oops can I say that in a dictatorship?

  30. UGK says:

    Jeff Rense is no better than Alex Jones.
    Each as bad as the other.
    Start out with the right intentions maybe. But as the months and years go by they start going off on tangents.
    Maybe a result of HAARP style mind control on them

  31. UGK says:

    Zionists are not Jews. Zionists are mostly white Europeans who hide behind jews as a means to protect themselves.
    It is no accident that people who investigate illuminati stumble upon Jews. This is just to get the people to hate on the Jews whilst the zionists manage to hide from the limelight.

    • heidilore says:

      That is what they want you to believe, UGK. You are playing into their trap rather nicely. Have you spent time in Israel, watching Palestinians killed? The look of utter coldness behind their eyes is enough to make you pause. They certainly were not white Europeans, either.

  32. ugk says:

    It is too easy to spot white supremacists who infiltrate the truth movement. Start blaming jews (even though the elite are mostly white caucasians). They have jewish names apparently. So what? How many white christians have jewish names? What exactly is a Jewish name? Anything can be a jewish name to these idiots.
    It starts with jews and very soon the hate moves on to other peoples of colour (Mexicans, blacks etc).
    My advice to sensible people is to run as soon as a ‘truther’ starts parroting on about Jews.

  33. necia bouck says:

    first of all the 13 bkloodlines that ruke this planet..rothschilds beingthe most powerful.. are not even the wizard at the top of illuminati teachings..all the groups that peope pik and choose are thinking they are in a great position when the s98t hits the way al high masons..not prch masons who are nt 33 degree do notreally know whatthey areito.they think theyare businessmen and all the players whatever poisin religios controlled affiliation they are in basicall believe in a higher (GOD) being wrong .they worship lucifer buti digress
    so rosicrusins,zionists,cults like jw ,mormonss(big time) jesuits really powerful and inmho i think jones is their shill not the zionist shill who is charie sheen hmm not a hero now ha! his dad is high up in the jesuit chain btw.oh this rabbitt hole is deep and twisted but trust none of what your soul says to you spiritual and hate gets you nowhere but in their evil population reduction plan and they are doing it everyday in every way ,never trust main stream media bought and sold whore get off yoyr knees likedavid icke says and btw if you do not believe anything he say spiritually do believe his research wether or not he and other informed are put there to tell you the truth,,they have a twisted sense of honor and MUST tell us what they are doing and the do just research,,think as and individual no hive mentality
    i love jeffbecause he puts everything out there true he may even be one but i think not.they do not kill useful whistleblowers ifthey can discredit them but sometimes they do as ritual nasa is an occult (simlyhidden knowledge but usesd for evil) anf the y do have their moon child google jack parsons and alester crowley and scientology ron hunbbard ,,connect the dots
    hope this gives you curiousity and i am not converting you just sharing a truth do your own thing .we are powerful and who said thousands of years ago we needed royalty to keep us in line etc a long journey for truth but it does set yu free..even if we die ,,we do go on so no fear ,,they feed on it and our goodness they hate as they are true sociopaths i am trying hereto elo and help myself silence is dangerous. ilisten to aj as long as i can jeff wether or not he is good or not and do not agree with anyone 100 percent but i pay attention to those details and watch for signs in movies,main stream garbage ,all the omissin like we are not forever now radiated cumulitivy daily and we can bost our immune system ,grow covered vegetables unti it is deep in our earth then what,,hydroponis or some way to survive as we are in a situariin that is never going to be fixed unkess like atlantis lemuria and oter timne we destroy ourselve or rather let them ad they will have as they do now fancy tombs in their underground cities and can never surfce so they are doomed but we are not

  34. necia bouck says:

    please forgive my typos as i am lying down with broken foot and typing with one finger but yiu can laugh at that and still get the gist of my rant and jumping around but i just had to say nt want haters telling me nasty things..just agree to disagree and tell e your beliefs peace

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