More debris threatens the International Space Station

For the second time in less than a week, a piece of orbiting space junk may threaten the International Space Station.

NASA said today that a piece of a Russian satellite could come within about a half-mile of the ISS early tomorrow. A decision will be made later today to fire the station’s engines to move it from the path of the debris.

Lt. Col. Michael Fincke, an Emsworth native, commands the International Space Station.

If the ISS is moved, space shuttle Discovery, which is en route to the station with seven astronauts, also will have to adjust its path so it can dock tomorrow.

The space station crew on Thursday took shelter inside a docked Russian escape capsule when a small piece of an old spacecraft engine passed within three miles of the ISS. The crew remained in the Soyuz capsule only for about 11 minutes and never sealed the cabin door.


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