Apologies…I am sick, and have nothing interesting or witty to say 😦

I miss having a camera. This week, if all goes well and I feel better.

Love and light to all of you that actually read this…lol.


15 thoughts on “Sunday…

  1. View Voyer says:

    Get well soon. :hugs:

    What happened to your camera?

  2. View Voyer says:

    I hope these make you feel better.

  3. anarchore says:

    Just skip a stage and get a Kodak Zi6 digital HD video cam for $170. I don’t make many purchased of consumer items but some things are just too cool, I just got one, and it is awesome(if you hold it still and in good light).

    • heidilore says:

      I am a photographer who normally uses film SLRs. I am moving to digital SLR so I can actually *GASP* keep up. A video cam would be useless for my purposes 😦

  4. 30.06 says:

    Hang in there girl , Spring is on it’s way . Hope you get to feeling better soon ! By the way , check this out ;

  5. roy albrecht says:

    Aldi is a vertically integrated company.

    They started as a sole proprietorship in Germany and produced only one or two farming foodstuffs in the beginning.

    The difference between them and other stores is that they owned the entire chain of production from the farm land upon which the animal/plant was raised/grown to the retail outlet in which the end product was sold.

    This model has served them well as they expanded their product line from essential foodstuffs to today’s ever increasing line of priority durable goods.

    Whatever they sell, you can almost be sure that there is very little middle man gouging going from primary resource extraction to final product sale.

    Aldi often has whole or part ownership in every partner in production. Employees are paid above average wages with superior worker compensation packages and corporate executive profit taking is kept to a minimum, and no kosher labels or donations to the Zionist war machine. The owners of the company, although rich in terms of their companies assets live comparatively austere and modest lives when looking at the lives of other multi-billionaires.

    Above all, products are made in accordance with German Standards of quality assurance.

    If you are in the States, I would not be put off from buying their cameras. They come with a 3 year warranty and it is the only company whose execs are in the MSM list of top 10 riches men in the world that actually “made money” last year and this first quarter. All other Billionaires lost money except the Albrecht brothers.

    German Engineering at its finest.

    • heidilore says:

      Thanks, but I am partial to Canon optics. The absolute best, IMO. Besides, I needed an DSLR, something that they cannot provide. I must disagree with you on Aldi. I am no longer in the USA, but I found that the majority of food from Aldi’s was inferior than say, Jewel. The vegetables were always in poor condition, the meat is atrocious (I will not even get into it), etc. The only thing I EVER purchased there was canned food, even then I was a bit nervous. It is a good store to go to if you have very little money, that is about it. My French Canadian husband was appalled by the quality of food there…he knows good food πŸ˜‰

      To anyone concerned, got myself a Canon Rebel XT. Older model, but brand new, never used…got a couple lenses for it, a filter system, tripod for around a thousand. Not too shabby for a DSLR!!

  6. anarchore says:

    Digital cameras suck! How much money do you have to spend to get one that does action shots? I was quite disappointed, no one told me they sucked that much. Kodak Zi6 HD vid cam all the way!

    • heidilore says:

      Nahhh….this one does NOT suck lol…it is an SLR, which means with a little know-how you can throw it into manual and get whatever type of shot you want, so you can do action. You just need to learn how to do it.

  7. ziofascism says:

    Niice.. it seems for action shots you are better off with a cheap manual than “cheap” -under $200 digital cam.. not only does the digi blur, there is actually a delay from the time you press the button to the ‘shutter’ clicking the picture… which means you missed the action! You don’t see this rather glaring caveat talked about.

  8. roy albrecht says:

    You may be right about Aldi, because I have not bought from them in the States. In Germ,any their quality is a little lower than specialty shops,m but the price is way way lower.

    More over if you compare the German Aldi to Canadian Jew owned food chains (I call the gruel malls), Aldi in Germany was still better and cheaper.

    But I was talking more about the cameras.

    I would trust their quality to price ratios to beat other manufacturers any day simply because their business model cuts out a lot of profit taking middle men.

    Now if you need a high end specialty camera then …, ok Aldi is not for you.

    Finally, I just had to get a plug in for the guy because he is a German and we share the same last name, heck we even look alike! LOL

    So saying his food is crappy, Heidi…, you know thems fighin’ word don’tchya!!?? πŸ™‚

  9. roy albrecht says:


    How come you didn’t enter the stormfront media festival challenge?

    You seem to be quite good at all this computer stuff and have an eye for posting good videos.

  10. anarchore says:

    Video is something I’m interested in but I’m a novice at the moment, with a learning curve ahead.

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