UFO sightings in Valley spike in 2008

UFO sightings shot up to more than 1000 a year across Canada in 2008, an increase of 26 per cent over the previous year.

In the Bulkley Valley, this trend has been followed closely by Brian Vike, a prominent ufologist based in Houston. Numerous incidents have been reported in the region he said, including a “major” incident at Granisle in the middle of February.

Witnesses of these alleged events include people from all walks of life. Vike said the reason for the spike in sightings could in fact be a genuine increase in visiting UFOs, and a reflection of the power of the the Internet as a medium.

“The Internet makes a big difference,” he said. “Before, people would send a letter, but they often wouldn’t know who to contact if they saw something. They would keep it to themselves because they didn’t want to be laughed at.”

Indeed, he thinks there may have been many more sightings that went unreported.

“I bet we only get five per cent of what has been seen,” he said. “Nobody wants to talk about it for whatever reason, but I bet if I walked around Parksville with my HBCC UFO Research jacket on, you would be surprised at how many would say, ‘oh, I saw something last month that was really weird.’”



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