Automatic Writing Session March 10th

I had not done this in awhile. Decided to try it again. I got the name Randolph again. I do not know who this is.

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March 10th, 2009

Appearances are deceiving






Not even yet


Once again, if this resonates or makes sense to you, kindly let me know. Thank you! It turns out a couple of my sessions have resonated with some people, so perhaps it can be solved.


One thought on “Automatic Writing Session March 10th

  1. View Voyer says:

    Appearances are deceiving-if seeing is always believing

    Randolph-William Randolph Hearst I -Patty


    Backtrack-Return along path

    Bonfire-Fire is the primary transformative force, and the creative
    power of passion. Fire also represents the Light of the Divine.

    Alliance-with GOD

    Not even yet-the time is not near


    Just playing around here.

    Are you going to become a revolutionary?

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