Hot Metal Crashes Through Roof

*Umm…yeah. This is all getting very interesting.*

The Federal Aviation Administration says a piece of hot metal that crashed through the roof of a Jersey City business did not come from an airplane.

FAA spokeswoman Arlene Salac says investigators examined the metal and determined it is made of cast iron, which is not used in airplanes. She says it’s up to local authorities to determine where the object came from.

Owner Al Smith was fork-lifting a sofa onto a wooden storage platform around 10 a.m. at his moving company when he heard a sound he thought was a bomb.

A piece of warm metal the size of a brick came crashing through the roof just steps from where he was standing. It splintered a wooden beam and crashed into a shelf.

Smith tells WCBS radio that no one was injured. He plans buy a lottery ticket, saying it’s his lucky day.

He says the metal is about the size of a brick and came crashing through the roof around 10 a.m.

Officials at the scene also confirmed to WCBS radio that the metal was too hot to touch for about 30 minutes after crashing through the roof.


4 thoughts on “Hot Metal Crashes Through Roof

  1. LeClairity says:

    Oh NOES! The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!! and it’s….. Cast Iron??
    God is Cast Iron cookware slowly falling to pieces?

    Or ALIENS are fried eggs!!! FRIED EGGS!!!!!! suddenly I’m craving Bacon

  2. View Voyeur says:

    “LeClalrity,” I think we have met somewhere before?
    That sense of humor is soooo familiar. 🙂

    No,it was not GOD’s skillet flying to pieces,
    but his “rod of iron.”
    He must have been disciplining one of his
    rebellious angels (again).

  3. Fleur de lis says:

    Heidi I think the USA and Russia and others may be having a satelite war in space , and we may be seeing the results fall all around us. Didn’t we just hear of a collision between satelites.

  4. CB says:

    Feb 25, 2009 – a 6 pound chunk of metal fell from the sky today and crashed through the roof of a Dallas-area home. No one was injured.—Into-Dallas-Home–/3916792

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