It should.



3 thoughts on “DOES THIS SCARE YOU???

  1. Anything to catch those that are falling through the cracks of mainstream Religion huh Heidi? 😉 The New Age, Obama-Rama, ancient bullshit thats coming out mainstream, its all created to keep us going round and round in circles. Its all b.s.

    Wow, I cannot believe how easily Humanity is manipulated.

    Be well my friend!
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Nathanial says:

    scare me, i do not have the words to express how incredibly retarded this is. so f*cking what the blacks got a president that doesn’t make him a fu*king messiah. he is just a man and even then i have doubts. a man has honor and as a politician i seriously doubt he has much honor in him.and what about racial pride, a black man gets into office and a nation primarily of Germanic descent is calling him their savior! i cant speak for anybody but my self but I’m pretty sure that generations of ancestors are completely disgusted and fairly pissed off at the notion. but thats just how i feel

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