The United States economy has collapsed, and it’s getting worse each and every day. The media, shallowly and predictably, is blaming this on the so-called “free market” that the United States supposedly runs. However, the truth is quite the contrary. The United States is not a free market economy, and hasn’t been for many decades. The following three items are to blame for our current economic crisis, and they stem from neither Wall Street, nor greed, but rather from GOVERNMENT:

#1) The Federal reserve, by pumping massive credit in the economy – which encouraged reckless leveraging and massive mal-investment, ultimately causing the boom and the bust cycle we’re in presently.

#2) The Community Re-investment Act and other affirmative action legislation, by pushing banks to lower their lending standard in order to please politically influent groups.

#3) Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, by subsidizing sub prime mortgages, which helped fuel the housing bubble.

If you want to see this country morph into an apocalyptic nightmare, with each citizen’s standard of living decreasing to horrors far beyond the Great Depression, then go ahead and support these actions. Support our cruel governmental empire, our inhumane banking cartel (the Federal Reserve), our welfare-ridden nanny state, and worst of all, the “stimulus” legislation which is sure to dramatically contribute to and increase the problems caused by item #1. Say goodbye to the country as you know it, because you will live in a shambled rubble that you caused by electing unfit morons, who are uknowledgeable of the Constitution, to federal office. As Tocqueville once said, ā€œin a democracy, the people get the government they deserve.ā€ 98% of the American people deserve the wretched hell they are about to encounter.

For the other 2%, please view the following links and attempt to educate the other 98% – for the sake of our own futures.




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