Dog Bleeds To Death After Microchip Implant

A fluffy bundle of life, love, and enthusiasm named Charlie Brown was laid to rest last week, the victim of a microchip implant gone horribly wrong. The long-haired, purebred Chihuahua bled to death in the arms of his distraught owners, Lori and Ed Ginsberg of Agua Dulce, California, just hours after undergoing the controversial chipping procedure.
“I wasn’t in favor of getting Charlie chipped, but it was the law,” said Lori Ginsberg, citing a Los Angeles county ordinance that requires all dog owners to chip their dogs once they reach four months of age. Dog owners who refuse to comply face a $250 fine for the first offense and up to six months in jail for continued non-compliance. “This technology is supposedly so great until it’s your animal that dies,” she said. “I can’t believe Charlie is gone. I’m just beside myself.”
Dr. Reid Loken, the board certified veterinarian who performed the chipping, confirmed on Friday that Charlie died from blood loss associated with the microchip. He cited “an extreme amount of bleeding” from the “little hole in the skin where the [microchip implant] needle went in” as the cause of death. He said he was both saddened and puzzled by Charlie’s death.
“I just don’t know what happened to him. We put the chip in the back in the shoulder blades, the standard place where we put them, and there really aren’t any major blood vessels in that area,” he said. “I don’t think it went in too deep; it was a pretty routine chipping.”
Dr. Loken suspected the needle may have nicked the muscle around the scapula, causing blood to ooze from the muscle. However, his efforts to stem the bleeding with pressure bandages were unsuccessful. The bleeding could not be attributed to a congenital clotting problem, he said, since Charlie had undergone a neutering and tooth extraction without incident just weeks before.
Charlie’s owners were devastated by the loss. “Charlie loved to play and cuddle. He brought so much joy and life to our home,” said Lori. “We loved him and took such good care of him. He meant everything to us.”
The Ginsbergs were quick to absolve Dr. Loken of responsibility for Charlie’s death. “He’s a great vet and this was not his fault. The real blame is with the people who forced us to implant our dog against our better judgment,” they said.
The Ginsbergs plan to petition the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to repeal the mandatory chipping law, and have sought the help of prominent consumer privacy advocate Dr. Katherine Albrecht. Albrecht is a Harvard-trained researcher who has authored a definitive academic paper citing literature that links microchips with cancer in dogs as well as laboratory animals. She has also authored an exhaustive, 47-page FAQ on microchip implants.
Albrecht cites other adverse reactions stemming from microchips in the past. In one case, a struggling kitten died instantly when a microchip was accidentally injected into its brain stem. In another, a cat was paralyzed when an implant entered its spinal column. The implants have been widely reported to migrate within animals’ bodies, and can cause abscesses and infection. In at least two documented cases, dogs have developed cancerous tumors surrounding or adjacent to microchip implants.
“Tragedies like what happened to Charlie Brown are probably more common than we like to think,” said Albrecht. “But it takes courageous people like the Ginsbergs to come forward and talk about it.”
Albrecht and the Ginsbergs are calling for a repeal of all mandatory animal chipping laws nationwide, and for the creation of a national registry to document adverse reactions from the chipping procedure.
“It’s horrible to live in a country where your choices are being take away and you don’t get to make decisions about your family and your life anymore,” said Lori Ginsberg. “Politicians should not take away my right to do what I thought was best for my pet.”
For The Media:
Lori and Ed Ginsberg have agreed to speak to the media to help raise awareness of the dangers of pet chipping. They can be contacted at:
Pictures of adorable Charlie Brown are available for press and blogging use at: 20003.jpg 20004.jpg 20first%20christmas%20003.jpg 20first%20christmas%20005.jpg
Dr. Katherine Albrecht can be contacted at or (877) 287-5854, ext 1. Her microchip implant FAQ and cancer study can be found online at Further information about Dr. Albrecht can be found at
Information on the Los Angeles Country chipping ordinance can be found at:
Live Radio Interview Today The Ginsbergs will be joining Dr. Katherine Albrecht on her live, syndicated radio program today to discuss microchip implants and Charlie’s tragic death. The segment will air from 4:00-6:00 PM Eastern time on “The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show.” The show broadcasts daily on the Genesis Communications Network, and can be heard live at: (Click “Stream 2”)
The Ginsberg interview will be archived as a downloadable MP3 file on Dr. Albrecht’s website at: (Click “archives”)


5 thoughts on “Dog Bleeds To Death After Microchip Implant

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  2. anarchore says:

    On Heroes last Monday, Hiro injected his friend Ando with a GPS chip, enabling Hiro to see Ando’s location around the world(probably dooming him to cancer if he keeps this RF source in his body).

  3. anarchore says:

    That’s probably a good choice! I like the show though, but I watch it with a more crypto-critical eye.

    Have you seen this:

  4. Gary says:

    There is no way in hell an upper level vertebrate can bleed to death caused by the insertion of a microchip. The integumentary quotient of the entire hematological system would have had to have been compromised. I am an ASCP certified Medical tecnologist with 15 years experience in the medical field and I know from whereof I speak Only a total and complete idiot with no ability to reason nor deduce would buy this anti-microchip chicanery. Tell that vet to give me a call! And not only that, Tell Ms Katherine who wrote this little blurb to call me. One does not bleed to death by nicking a muscle–one bleds to death from nicking an ARTERY—Gross Anatomy 101.

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