Evidence Of Solar Manipulation? And Solar Changes?

The odds are astronomical (no pun intended) that a sudden change of inactivity would happen EXACTLY at midnight, after more than a week of no real X-Ray activity. It appears that someone or something was making their capabilities known to alter the Sun’s operation. Such technology is more dangerous than the biggest collection of atomic weapons any country could have. Tinkering with Solar activity can result in unpredictable, grave and irreversible damage to Earth.
Tick marks along the bottom axis of each chart represent 3 hour intervals on all charts.


NASA has claimed in the past they don’t understand (?) why the red line (GOES 10 in Fig. 1) has remained a flat line for more over a year now. Perhaps the real reason is because there is no longer any real measureable energy at that wavelength. If so, this marks a very important change in the way our Sun is functioning.
Shortly after high noon (UTC) on January 24, a tiny blip appears in Fig. 1. Apparently the satellite was detecting something at this wavelength. Yet while recent activity for the same satellite which was measuring activity at shorter wavelengths of .5 to 4.0A, we still see no activity on the red line. Is it possible there reason for a flat red line is the result of a problem in the satellite?
In the drawing below (Fig. 3) we see that satellite architecture doesn’t use a separate sensor for different wavelengths. The X-Ray sensor uses one sensor with rotating wheel containing plastic and metal filters (labled as Entrance Filters in Fig. 3) to filter various X-Ray wavelengths. These filters are all opaque to heat (infrared), ultraviolet and visible light. Any argument that the wheel isn’t rotating clearly cannot apply here – if the wheel were unable to rotate, then neither wavelength would be detected correctly, or both charts would have exactly the same plots if the filter could not move. This deduction is made in the absence of NASA announcing that a technical problem occured with the filter wheel, which to date hasn’t been made to my knowledge.


In summary, it appears that when Solar magnetic activity was altered just before midnight (UTC) it caused the Hp value to peak almost exactly at midnight (Fig. 4.) Apparently the external influence by someone or something also increased X-Ray output at almost exactly the same time (Fig. 1.) This indicates someone or some government is in posession of highly advanced technology and they are using it for some purpose.
Also interesting is that solar activity is completely unrelated to whatever time it may be on Earth. Our measure of time comes from an arbitrary decision to use Greenwich, England as the ordinate (starting) point for all 24 hour time on Earth. The Sun could not possibly be influenced by such a decision, as this decision was made many decades ago and is non-physical.
Another nail in the coffin of global warming.
Perhaps manufacturers of sun blocking lotion will ultimately see their market “dry up.”



One thought on “Evidence Of Solar Manipulation? And Solar Changes?

  1. View Voyeur says:

    Perhaps a body orbiting the Sun in a tight
    elliptical orbit has sucked off most of the
    atmosphere of the Sun.This would cause it to
    go into a cooling phase,but as it is so massive,
    that will take a while.

    Remember the pools of molten iron in the
    basement of the WTC?
    They stayed molten for weeks.

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