My observations…

Anyone else feel as if they are living out some sort of horrible nightmare???

The Obama thing has me pretty rattled. Not Obama per se, but his handlers and his “supporters.”

I have never seen such a group of mesmorized zombies in my life. I am not talking about the passive individuals who are saying let us give him a chance. I am referring to the zealots that treat him as messiah.

He has been set up…worse than anything else, WE have been set up.

TPTB have determined he is the antichrist archetype. They are CREATING an antichrist.

Do I personally believe in an antichrist? No, I do not. But THEY do. They are creating the fall-out boy.

I see it as self-fullfilling prophecy. Who knows what happens next? I find it very special that Israel decided to stop their incursion in time for OBAMA TIME. There are a lot of coincidences taking place…if you see him miraculously come back from an injury, or broker some major peace deals, than you will know what is taking place.

Personally, I am worried for people. They have set this guy up as a messiah…what happens when the economy still continues to languish?

People might wake up…or they might continue in this matrix of surreal insanity.

I don’t know. Some weird stuff is going down.

We only have a couple of years to wake up from these demonic nightmares.

Hopefully, some of us will. Answers are difficult to come by these days, unfortunately.


2 thoughts on “My observations…

  1. elitekitty says:

    As a disclaimer, I’m a flaming liberal. So Obama to me is a beacon of hope in this downward spiral of economic greed and ever increasing ticker of American deaths in Iraq.
    In many ways he is a messiah for many Americans, regardless of race and faith. Who would have thought that anybody but a white man would ever get into the white house?
    Like you said, answers are difficult to come by these days, but hopefully (and this is what I truly believe) Obama is the one to lead us through.
    If he can’t do it, with the Senate and the House in his favor, a majority of the citizenry loving him, and the much of the world community praising him, then we’re screwed.

    • Well, Kitty, at least you were not rude about my thoughts, for that I praise you. Personally, I am not a republican or any of that nonsense…I think political parties hold us back from the true issues. I believe you are correct…if he cannot do the job, we are pretty much screwed. Unfortunately, I do not believe that Obama can save us from the last few corrupt administration’s errors.

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