2009 Webbot Predictions


January-The services bubble begins to collapse.  Malls and luxury goods tank. Unemployment continues upward.

February-Building tensions to the “Summer of Hell.” Global events start to heat up. Waves of enlistments to the US Military as alternative to unemployment (Obama youth corps?)

March and April-Food and goods riots.  Demonstrations. Breakdown of social contract. International pressure begins to build on the US dollar. NASA and political-whistleblowers.

May-Homeless, unemployed and displaced begin to question the socioeconomic contract. Prices of commodities continue rising. Electricity becomes sporadic in areas. All situations are starting to build into potential violence. Global coastal events go mainstream.

June and July-“Summer of Hell” might vary according to area. For example, California might have veggies but no power. Northwest might have power, but no veggies. There will be a lot of smaller earthquakes that people will start to notice as footnotes to the breakdown.

August-Government services falter as budgets collapse. Purchasing power of the dollar failing. Possibility of social security and government assistance being temporarily halted.

September-Geopolitical landscape changed as communities become cooperative living models. Think hippies. Eroded federal governance.

October-Internet becomes sporadic. Two major ship disappearances…may involve Hollywood or royalty.

Project outlook-First effects of Australia’s net censorship.


10 thoughts on “2009 Webbot Predictions

  1. Cosmic radiation says:

    check out the guys at the great escape, they have some nice predictions as well and are quite informed: http://matrixgreatescape.blogspot.com

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is the direct urll to their predictions, old link doesn’t seem to work anymore

  3. What a bunch of crap… adding your anti-obama hatred into web bot prophecies. You lost the election, and everything you believed in has been proven terribly wrong for America & Americans..

  4. Robert says:

    Very interesting. Most of these predictions will be right on the head. It only take common sence to see these thing happening. I have made a lot of these same predictions without the web bots. Get ready. The ride is going to get bummpy.

  5. Samantha says:

    In the History Channel’s “Decoding the Past- Doomsday 2012” (which was put on TV in 2007) it says that it is predicted that in the 2009 there could be a nuclear war. Now all of a sudden all over yahoo there is news about Korea threatening a nuclear war. Why doesn’t any one on these prediction sites talk about that? I find that the most odd and hope that it doesn’t come true as predicted.

  6. Samantha says:

    So, in others you are saying the media is lying to creat fear? You are saying that the Web bot project is wrong and that this couldn’t be the prediction it is referring to when it said 2009 nuclear war? I thought this was a prediction site- not skeptics.

    • heidilore says:

      The media lies to create fear, yes. If there was a nuclear threat, trust me, you would NOT know about it. I am not saying anything bad about the webbot project…you are aware there are other countries in the world, right?? Not everything is about NK. No, it is NOT a threat…

      Also, this is not a “prediction” site. There is more than enough information to entertain various proclivities. I have a great many interests other than predictions.

      Your biggest threat right now is not NK….you need to look more in the direction of Pakistan, Russia and Israel. MSM drivel is just that…drivel.

  7. Samantha says:

    Of course there are other countries. Dur. I might suspect Russia, but Pakistan and Israel??? Come on. They don’t have nukes ready to launch. NK does though. I don’t believe the media, but a picture says a thousand words and I’ve seen enough pictures to know that they are serious and mean business.

    All I was pointing out was that there was a prediction made in 2007 of a nuclear war sometime around 2009 (we don’t know who and where) and now there are threats made against the US involving nukes. Look at a calendar. It is 2009.

    Now, if you take that prediction and compare that to the 2012 prediction it makes sense. Could be coincidence. BUT, if a nuclear war broke out at least two countries would be destroyed by the blasts. Other countries may be hit when the nukes are shot down, causing chaos and more war. Chemicals will fill the air and destroy the oceans. The environment will create chemical storms and posionous rains. Smoke will blacken the sky. The nukes that hit from the opposite sides of the Earth will disrupt the planet and possibly create massive earthquakes. Food supplies will be scarce.

    If there are people out there that want to believe in Revelations, other prophetic theories, lore, predictions, or conspiracies they might want to talk about predictions that have relevance to today’s happenings. If we have a theory and no one follows it to see where it leads, it may be too late when if and when it does happen.

    But if this not a site for lore and predictions made in the past of what could happen, then I will continue my research elsewhere.

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