What We Are

The story is the same

Throughout the years

They work from our

Deepest and darkest fears.

Controlling us until we

Know not what we do

Making us forget

Everything we knew

I feel that I am

Alone in my fights

While they continue

To strip away our rights

We the people

Blindly turn away

While the intellectuals

Have nothing to say

Fears that suddenly

Overwhelm our senses

A government corrupt

That builds emotional fences

Taking everything they can

From the poor

Until they are no longer

Able to feel anymore

We are all in the stages

Of feeling so numb

But I can assure you

Their day will come

No longer can we

Merely sit and wait

For a hopelessly

Unrelenting fate

We must rise up

Against this tide

Our destiny, our futures

Are on our side

They try to make us feel

That they are the only force

But many of us

Know their true source

Their transparent

Greedy plans aren’t here yet

Their world without love

Is not set

While the oppressed

Endlessly search for a sign

There is a light

At the end of the line

All we must do

Is hang onto our dreams

For as you know

Nothing is as it seems…



2 thoughts on “What We Are

  1. Cest Moi says:

    I like your poem.

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