2009…in preparation for 2012?

Already, it has been an interesting week.

We have monsters killing children, causing a horrible crisis that people cannot even respond to without being killed or villified…

The media prepping us for a huge solar event that will knock out our communications and electric grids (that will culminate in a huge solar storm in 2012.)

A huge “noise” coming from space, that science cannot figure out.

Earthquakes increasing, Yellowstone heating up.

Very cold weather, very bad winter (Ragnarok?)

Already a few flooding events.

Wildfire in Colorado?

The world economy in a shambles.

2009 has already been a bit TOO interesting. Keep an eye out. Watch your dreams, they hold the key.

2012 IS COMING… keep in mind things are going to be very confusing until that point. Things will be hairy, but if you keep your wits, you will be fine 🙂


One thought on “2009…in preparation for 2012?

  1. Dave says:

    Starting to believe in the Internet hype of 2012.The things that are happening around the world.But I try to keep things in perspective by being optimistic and hope things improve soon.

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