Montreal activists serve eviction notice to Israeli Consulate

*You wonder why I love Montreal?*

Thursday, January 8th : In protest against the ongoing Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip activists in Montreal have taken action at the Israeli Consulate in Montreal.

Serving a detailed an eviction notice to the Israeli Consulate in Montreal demonstrators demanded “the eviction of the Consulate of Israel, the expulsion of the Consular General and an immediate end to the Israeli assault on Gaza.”

Effectively shutting down daily operations at the Israeli Consulate this morning activists severed an eviction notice and successfully shut-down the daily operations at the Consulate.

In solidarity with the 1.5 million people in Gaza demonstrators in Montreal are demanding an end to Israel’s military assault, the 18-month siege on the Gaza Strip and to allow humanitarian aid into the territory.

“Canada’s lack of response to recent war crimes in Gaza speaks volumes about their support for Israeli apartheid,” said Sophie Schoen, a spokesperson for the action.

Protesters are outraged at Israel’s latest assault on the Palestinian people and by the Canadian government’s refusal to condemn these massacres that have left 700 dead and over 3000 wounded since December 27, 2008.

In the past 24 hours Israeli has bombarded three U.N. schools in Gaza killing dozens of internally displaced refugees inside Gaza.

“We demand the Canadian government cut all ties with the apartheid regime of Israel,” said Mostafa Henaway of Tadamon! Montreal.

The action in Montreal comes on the heels of countless protests worldwide against Israeli war crimes, including an occupation of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto by Jewish women yesterday.


DEFENDANT: Consulate of Israel in Montreal

WHEREBY the tenant of this premise is responsible for war crimes under the fourth Geneva Convention, including ;

* The bombing of the Islamic University in Gaza City, and other civilian infrastructure such as ambulances and mosques;

* The shelling of a U.N. school in the Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza, killing over 40 people, including many children;

* The suffocation of the people of Gaza, through an imposed 18 month siege, effectively cutting-off access to fuel, cooking gas, flour, and other basic necessities;

* The killing of over 700 people, a significant portion who are civilians, during their offensive entitled “Operation Cast Lead” which began on December 27th, 2008.

THEREFORE, we as concerned resident of Montreal demand:

* The eviction of the Consulate of Israel, the expulsion of the Consular General, and an immediate end to the Israeli assault on Gaza.


4 thoughts on “Montreal activists serve eviction notice to Israeli Consulate

  1. anarchore says:

    Well that is more like it! But will even these people name The Lobby in Canada? I know those nice Jewish women headed by the ‘feminist’ won’t.

    Jews should shut up, unless they are prepared to expose the Canadian Israel Lobby.

    All else is half-measure, Zio-lite.

  2. roy albrecht says:

    Hey, at least they didn’t kill the demonstrators!

    In the mid 1980’s. while Zundel was fighting the Jews in court because Jews didn’t like being told the truth about Murderous Lying Kikes, the Jews along with the legal establishment tried to kill him and then burned his house down!

    Now I wonder how the Jew-owned “establishment mercenaries” (police) would react if someone were to bomb the Consular General and burn down the Israeli consulate?
    [I cringe when using the word “Israel”, it just gives that illegitimate criminal safe haven legitimacy.]

    Of course, the Jew-owned mass media celebrated the burning and attempted murder of Zundel. To this day, even though they know exactly who did it, no arrests have been made.

    I guess before we get equal justice for truth tellers we will have to lock the police stations from the outside and burn them down with the traitors in it, then we will be able to bomb the Israeli Consulate before burning it down as well.

    But at least in Montreal, there are people left with a social conscience. In Limey-Kike occupied Canada (all points west of Quebec) the population is akin to frightened and stupid cattle who have traded their honour for craven animalism.

    • Yes, but Roy…there is FOOTBALL and HOCKEY to watch! Who cares about what is going on in the world, as long as we have BEER???

      Screw it, I’m fed up with zombies. Nobody seems to care. Karma is going to be a bitch.

  3. roy albrecht says:

    Yes, I know lots of them.

    It is really quite pathetic. But I guess I shouldn’t come down to hard on the mentally retarded, that would be a hate crime.

    They know the establishment is corrupt, that Jews own everything worth owning and have opted to join the Jews by remaining silent and hiding behind endless hockey and football chat.

    They have all mostly joined the “animals” in that, to “get back” at the criminal establishment for robbing them of the taxes and what not, they too have joined the criminal classes.

    They all seem to steal from employers, buy stolen goods, look the other way a lot, deal drugs as a side line or are members of the white collar “Med-Law-Academic-Corporate-Religious” Mafia in some capacity.

    They all share that same demented “grinning idiot” smile, like everything is great and then chat enthusiastically about the weather or the hockey game 20 times a day! LOL

    Hamilton would make a perfect city for a Halifax Harbour type of munitions ship explosion.
    I wonder if people would notice?
    I suppose it depends if the Leafs were playing or not?

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