Detroit School Lacks Toilet Paper, Light Bulbs

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DETROIT — A Detroit elementary school is asking for donations of toilet paper and light bulbs to keep their school functioning.

The principal of the Academy of Americas sent a letter to staff, parents and partners asking for donations of items “that are of the utmost importance for proper school functioning and most importantly for student health and safety.”

In the letter, Principal Naomi Khalil cited budget constraints within the district as the reason why the school could no longer stock the items.

The district is grappling with a more than $400 million budget deficit and is on the verge of being assigned an emergency financial manager by the state.

The letter asks for toilet paper, paper towel rolls, trash bags and 60, 100 or 150-watt light bulbs.

“We realize that the economic situation is stressful for our entire community, but we are asking for your collaboration,” wrote Khalil. “We thank you for your cooperation and we hope that as a school community we can pull together to guarantee the best possible educational environment for our children.”

Parents said a letter went out asking for supplies at the start of the school year.

“They sent out a letter for pencils, pens, they put Kleenex on there,” said parent Danny Huddleston.

A spokeswoman for the district said the school is not running out of supplies but instead is asking for them to ensure they have sufficient supplies to what they already have.

But at least one parent said he doesn’t mind helping out the school no matter the circumstance.

“I’m all about helping the school. If that’s what they need then that’s what we need to see what we can do to help the out,” said Juan Oroczo.

Donations are being accepted at the school’s front office, beginning Jan. 12.

The school is located at 5680 Konkel St. in Detroit.


One thought on “Detroit School Lacks Toilet Paper, Light Bulbs

  1. hall monitor says:

    This story made ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

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