Why I love Montreal…lol

Funniest graffiti ever…heh



7 thoughts on “Why I love Montreal…lol

  1. Rev.Pagan says:

    indeed funniest l´ve ever seen!

  2. Cest Moi says:

    You should get a youtube channel and link it here.
    That would be nice.

  3. roy albrecht says:

    Now all it needs is a star of David above the “bump” with the entire thing surrounded by a red circle and diagonal “not wanted” slash through the middle!

    He had a good idea, but his artistic abilities need refreshing. See the WW2 NSAPD (nazi) propaganda posters of the typical hook nosed Jew caricatures. A far more accurate representation if you ask me.

  4. roy albrecht says:

    I wonder if it can be qualified as a hate crime? The mere sight of a Jew caricature is offensive to me as a German.

    Maybe I should file a complaint with the Canadian (Jewish) Human Rights Tribunal and and see if I can fleece the taxpayer for a hefty sum?

    Canadians are stupid enough and pathetic enough to pay, but will the Jew in control of the Human Rights Stazis hear the case?

    Now if there was a knife stuck into the side of his head with blood gushing out of it, I would nominate it for a Canadian Heritage Arts Council Award. Uplifting and optimistic expressions of justice are always worthy of mention!

  5. anarchore says:

    Must be the Mount-Royal area, LOLs!

  6. anarchore says:

    LOLs, Roy! You notice the yellow sign in that shape indicates ‘caution’, as in the bump on the road of the original sign’s intent.

    It is a brilliant work ofdetournmont!

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