Pakistan mobilizes troops along Indian border

Pakistan has increased troops’ movement along its border with India in the wake of escalating tension between the two countries, Indian official says.

“A lot of military movement is being noticed in districts just across the international border for the last few days, which is not normal,” R C Dhyani, a senior official from Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) told the Press Trust of India on Thursday.

“It was not a normal practice some days ago and after escalation of tension between two countries Pakistan has deployed more troops across border,” he said, adding that “Patrolling across the border has intensified while defense personnel are constantly on vigil from watch towers.”

The development came just a day after Pakistan Army Chief General Asfaq Kiyani warned India of a befitting reply in the wake of an Indo-Pak war.

Meanwhile, after reports of a possible Indian attack on Pakistan, the Pakistan Air Force continued its state of high alert and started aerial surveillance of the nuclear and other sensitive sites.

Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday vowed to defend the country ‘until the last breath’, and said no compromise would be made with the nation’s sovereignty.

Also, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said, ‘We should not stay negligent of India,’ adding the armed forces of Pakistan are fully alert and vigilant for the defense of national territory.

The troops buildup by Pakistan could also be seen as a tactic to send a message to the US administration that any tension along its eastern border could jeopardize Pentagon’s anti-Taliban operations along the Pak-Afghan border.
Pakistan says Indian fighter jets had crossed into Pakistani airspace on Dec. 13.

Indian fighter jets had crossed into Pakistani airspace over Kashmir and Punjab province, Pakistan said on Dec. 13. India, however, denied any violation of Pakistani airspace.

The renewed tensions come four weeks after New Delhi blamed the Pakistan-based militant group, Lashkar-e-Taiba for orchestrating the November 26 attacks on Mumbai, which left 179 people dead.

Islamabad says Indian intelligence agencies have failed to offer concrete proof justifying claims that militants who attacked Mumbai were Pakistani nationals.


One thought on “Pakistan mobilizes troops along Indian border

  1. Shahjahan Bhatti says:

    People of Pakistan want India to help them against their rogue army.

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