Feeling sentimental…just a thought.

I suppose I am feeling sentimental these days. Perhaps it is Christmas, or a consequence of Yule, thinking back to other times. I hate to say this, as it really was a goofy time…I miss the 80’s, though. I keep thinking back to my childhood. Those were the good ole days, eh? Ah, it is probably a consequence of getting OLD!
Back in those days, there was no internet. People were actually forced to communicate with one another face to face. Imagine that! In a way, I hate the internet. Technology has created a culture of fear, instantaneous news, and lack of “true life.” In a way, it saddens me. I realize the irony of railing against technology utilizing technology…this does not escape me.
Childhood was a time when I was not bitter, angry or cynical. These days, the “They Live” sunglasses overtake anything else. Seeing things in politics, life, and popular culture takes a toll on a person.
Perhaps it is even the money…things seemed to be more “real” when I was poor. Now I have more money than one can need. That takes care of worries I used to have regarding finances, so I have time to turn back the clock and think about the silly things in childhood. Seeing ET the first day it was in the theater. Those Gremlins records I got with the happy meals from Hardee’s. The Care Bears glasses from Pizza Hut. Various other toys that made me happy, silly things really. Laugh at me if you wish.
Soooo…I suppose now I can fill the void by going to ebay and purchasing the glasses and records, so I can feel what I felt again. That’s the sad thing about getting older and having all this technology.
Instantaneous sentimental comforts. Now what?


3 thoughts on “Feeling sentimental…just a thought.

  1. Mike says:

    Well, maybe by remembering all that good stuff from our childhoods, we can ALL be a little less bitter, angry and cynical 🙂
    And don’t worry about people laughing at you for being sentimental…some of us still HAVE our ET and Gremlins stuff!

  2. Cest Moi says:

    “Now I have more money than one can need.”

    Well,well,well,oh my..you are a lucky girl in that
    regard.Now do you have all the love you need?

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