Weird weather December 15th

Record low in Denver:

Montana -29

As mentioned on Friday, an arctic air mass has invaded the Northwest, the Rockies and the Plains. Temperatures are bitterly cold. We’re not just talking subfreezing temperatures or teens or even single digits.

We’re talking about temperatures that are falling into the teens and twenties below zero. This is dangerous cold to say the least.

Here is a list of record lows from Sunday:

Record Lows
City: Record Low (previously held)

Billings, MT: -18 (-13/1945)
Lewistown, MT: -29 (-24/1951)
Dillon, MT: -16 (-15/1967)
Fort Benton, MT: -23 (tied with 1948)
Sheridan, WY: -13 (tied with 1940)
Camarillo, CA: 32 (33/2007)
Casper, WY: -18 (-9/1967)
Rock Springs, WY: -10 (-3/1987)
Denver, CO: -18 (-14/1901)
Boulder, MT: -20 (tied with 1967) Great Falls, MT: -25 (tied with 1922)
Gold Butte, MT: -33 (-23/1922)
Havre, MT: -32 (-24/1975)
Martinsdale, MT: -23 (-18/1901)
Simpson, MT: -24 (tied with 1975)
Townsend, MT: -15 (-12/1967)
White Sulphur Springs, MT: -29 (-17/1922)
Yuma, CO: -10 (-9/1963)

That same bitter chill is still on the move this morning; helping to push temperatures down, down, down.

Cities that were near their record high yesterday or even broke their record high are experiencing a huge cooldown today.

Record Highs
City: Record high (previously held)
Tulsa, OK: 75 (74/1933) Mon forecast: 28
San Angelo, TX: 82 (81/1924) Mon forecast: 46
Joplin, MO: 71 (70/1975) Mon forecast: 22
Fayetteville, AR: 68 (67/1975) Mon forecast: 26
Childress, TX: 76 (75/1995) Mon forecast: 33
Wichita Falls, TX: 81 (80/1933 & 1975) Mon forecast: 38

Warm in the east, but this won’t last.


2 thoughts on “Weird weather December 15th

  1. Mike says:

    It’s -30 in Saskatchewan…-45 with the wind chill 😦

  2. TrevCK says:

    Here we go folks…those records were not just broken, there were is really goin on?

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