Barack Obama chief Rahm Emanuel drawn into Rod Blagojevich corruption investigation

*I knew it! Told you this guy was up to no good…he is corrupt as hell*

BARACK Obama’s chief of staff is under pressure over reported contacts with Illinois’s corruption-tainted governor, who faces impeachment proceedings this week.
Rahm Emanuel, a combative congressman from Illinois who will serve as Obama’s political gatekeeper in the White House, was reported to have been in touch with Governor Rod Blagojevich about Mr Obama’s Senate seat.

The Chicago Tribune and New York Times did not suggest any wrongdoing by Mr Emanuel, citing sources as saying he had presented suggested names to take over the seat without offering any inducements to Mr Blagojevich.

But the reports could present a distraction to the president-elect, as the Republican Party released a new advertisement declaring that “questions remain” over Mr Obama’s links to the disgraced governor.

The web ad by the Republican National Committee highlighted Mr Obama’s past support for Mr Blagojevich and showed commentators questioning why the president-elect had not been more forthright in denouncing the Governor.

Mr Blagojevich has refused to resign after his arrest in an FBI investigation that accuses him of staggering corruption, including an attempt to sell Mr Obama’s vacated Senate seat to the highest bidder.

Illinois lawmakers are expected to begin impeachment proceedings today in a hastily called special session, while state Attorney General Lisa Madigan wants the state supreme court to strip Mr Blagojevich of the bulk of his powers.

Ms Madigan noted speculation, reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, that Mr Blagojevich may now be set to resign as early as today or temporarily step aside to fight the corruption allegations.

Commenting on the reports about Emanuel, she told NBC television that it “doesn’t appear from what I’ve heard so far that there is anything improper that has occurred.”

Ms Madigan was among the names reportedly suggested by Mr Emanuel for the Governor to appoint as Mr Obama’s senatorial replacement.

Others were Mr Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, Illinois Representative Jan Schakowsky, state Comptroller Dan Hynes and Illinois Veterans Affairs director Tammy Duckworth.

“One source confirmed that communications between Emanuel and the Blagojevich administration were captured on court-approved wire-taps,” the Chicago Tribune said.

But wire-tap transcripts released by prosecutors suggest that Mr Blagojevich was not being offered anything beyond appreciation from the Obama camp, much to the Governor’s foul-mouthed frustration.

Mr Obama has ordered his staff to divulge any contacts they may have had with Mr Blagojevich, while insisting he was “absolutely certain” that there had been no dealings on the alleged scheme to sell off the Senate seat.,21985,24799317-5012748,00.html


11 thoughts on “Barack Obama chief Rahm Emanuel drawn into Rod Blagojevich corruption investigation

  1. Burr Deming says:

    I dunno, if there is no suggestion of “any wrongdoing by Mr Emanuel”, what is the story? Except that Blagojevich seems to have modeled himself after a combination of the Sopranos and the Three Stooges. The rest is wishful thinking by delusional wingnuts.

  2. Eye's Wide Open says:

    If you walk on thin rice paper and look back, you will find traces of where you had been. Grasshopper, in the series Kung Fu, could not leave the temple till he had mastered the art of leaving no trace. Obama, I see is still practicing!!

  3. Mike Rencik says:

    Outgoing senator suggests names of possible replacements for himself. What a scandal!

  4. rick g says:

    “no suggestion of “any wrongdoing by Mr Emanuel”, what is the story?”

    The story is, why did Obama lie and say he had no talks with the governor?

    The story is, not enough facts are known to make the claim of no wrongdoing by Emanual. The prosecutor has released less then 1% of his wiretap transcripts.

    The story is Obama promised several days ago to clear all this up and has been silent ever since.

    The story is that Obama claiming to have not had talks with the governor is no way believable. This is the appointment of a Senator, a governmental body that is going to be critical to the success of Obama.

  5. P. hemmatian says:

    New elected President Obama should be very caution for checking his assistants behaviors so as to minimize the risk of damage to his popularity , people expectations for new government is very high in US and around the world and hopeful to recover the badly damage economy and reputation of previous government .
    Best Regards

  6. sheree rose says:

    i feel drowned by the deluge of the disgusting stories being broadcast on tv and radio. i feel like the witch in the broadway musical the wiz: “don’t nobody bring me no bad news”

  7. eli says:

    Right now it would be sort of dumb for Obama to weigh in publicly during the ongoing investigation. This is all rumor and speculation, there’s also been rumor that Rahm was involved in blowing the whistle on Blago to the Feds…seems just as likely as anything else I’ve heard – After all, the Illinois Gov is clearly a liability to the Dems and getting him out of power would be a good thing. It is not at all unusual or illegal for people to trade around names and make suggestions during a transition – but offering anything more than appreciation – or asking for more is what is doing Blagojevich in.

  8. Eye's Wide Open says:

    Speculation? Is that like speculating, that it’s all perfectly normal and that all politicians are honest and not shake down artists? Does that mean that the old saying, ‘ where there is smoke, there is fire’ is illogical thinking? Does that mean parents, need to quit speculating, that there child might be off into drugs, because so many of their friends are drug addicts and ex convicts? Paranoia is a disorder but in today’s times – it’s called, Positive Paranoia.

  9. coffee fiend says:

    i’m hoping that Blagojevich will inspire Congress to finally grow a pair and uphold the American legal system (by putting this guy away for a long time)

  10. GB says:

    Dah.. Hello. Take a look.. Would you want to cross him in a dark alley as an innocent person?

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