Webbot earthquake predictions

Most important item this week, or at least it will be when it arrives later in the week: The ‘twin quakes” in the predictive linguistic work out of http://www.halfpasthuman.com. Cliff (and Igor) busily telling folks they hope to be wrong on this, but at the same time I hear the values are still accreting (accumulating) in modelspace.

In their latest report for http://www.halfpasthuman.com subscribers, and after going through many paragraphs of descriptor sets filling out clarifying some of the imagery to be expected via the teevee late this week and into next, the chief time monk goes off whistling in the graveyard…

“Of course we are probably wrong about this. And if you claim, as does George, that we are ‘boating on the river of denial’ about this, we respond well, maybe so, but the fishing is nice on de nile this time of year.”

Since Cliff’s off fishing, my best expectation is that the first of the ‘twin quakes’ will be along between Wednesday and Friday of this week, maybe tomorrow late.

If the ‘George Theorem’ holds (e.g. the longer something is in modelspace before an event, the bigger the impacts will be once the event shows up in real-time) I’m expecting something Banda Aceh or larger for at least one of the quakes…

I’ll see if I can get permission to post the quake portion publicly or if there are new values coming in over the next day or two.



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