More on Gardasil

*A friend wanted me to pass this information on. She tried to post it, but had some difficulty.*

Ok Heidi, I’ve tried to post the following info on Gardisil on your blog & a white page keeps coming saying “discarded”. I don’t know what is going on, so I’ll past it here & maybe you can paste on your blog if you want to. 🙂

The Gardisil vaccine is doing more harm than good. It is causing pre-cancerous tissues & infertility in girls who are getting this vaccine.

You can NOT trust the medical community to give you all of the info you need on vaccines. Dr.’s are given very little info on vaccines. They trust the pharmaceutical companies to inform them on new drugs. How do I know this? I used to work for a medical clinic. The reps would come in & give elaborate lunches & push the newest & greatest drugs on the market to give to the patients.
Vicky Debold with NVIC-health policy analyst says this – “Vaccine studies are using increasingly complex statistical techniques rather than time tested research design. There are so many limitations & exclusions in the study design this it is nearly impossible to interpret or replicate the findings.” The FDA & CDC are pushing out vaccines before they can be truly tested to know if they are safe or not.
The FDA has known for 4 years that HPV does NOT cause cervical cancer.
For those of you who got your children all of their vaccines, a lot of vaccines have animal products in them. They can be integrated into your DNA.
There is NO scientific evidence that vaccines provide ANY immunity at all.
If a Dr. tells you that a vaccine contains no mercury, ask to see the insert, the CDC considers a vaccine that has less than 3 mcg of Themerosal “mercury free”. (scroll to the bottom of page 3)
I’ve been doing research on vaccines for 20+ years. Do your homework before getting any more vaccines yourself or giving them to your children. You’ll happy later that you did.

Have a good week!


One thought on “More on Gardasil

  1. Ant Bethany says:

    Thank you for raising awareness about this dangerous vaccine!!!

    The adverse effects are horrific!

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