Movements and unity

I often wonder what is wrong with us. Everything has to be a part of a “scene” or a “movement.” Nobody is willing to discuss unity and community. Everything hinges on whether or not you adhere to certain philosophies, and differences within the individual are ostracized.

I am saddened because of what happened earlier tonight.

I was discussing a myriad of subjects with people who refer to themselves as the conspiracy ilk. You would think I would have plenty in common with these individuals…WRONG. I was actually called a zombie! It hurt, because I have spent most of my life trying to convince the mainstream that they need to see outside the box.

I had different thought processes than these people, so therefore, I was a part of the mainstream. Amazing.

My question then becomes…how are we going to form communities, bartering systems, etc when things get bad? How, when we cannot seem to stand each other?

I will say I am not a big fan of Christianity, or all that religion entails. You know something, though? I will stand by a Christian, if they are willing to fight for our survival!

People, Alex Jones is not the messiah. Obama is not the messiah. You have the power to do your own research, do be independent, to read between the lines. Hell, I am nothing. YOU NEED TO THINK FOR YOURSELF. Do not allow yourself to be led…it only leads to problems.

I am not a part of a movement. I am not anything but me, a lone wolf walking in a cold world with no cares except for my family and my true friends. This is all I need. I wish I had all the answers to life, but I do not. I see a bit outside the matrix, but I have much to learn. I hope that when it all goes down, we can organize and become the community we all long to have. I hope that you can understand what I am saying…sometimes I doubt my own sanity.

Know that despite our differences in philosophy, values, politics…that makes us who we are. Cherish the fact you can think outside the box. Do not waver in your belief system. We are going to need each other, sooner than later!


7 thoughts on “Movements and unity

  1. Mike says:

    I understand what you mean…people seem to have a need to classify themselves into groups, to define themselves according to some kind of parameters. But if you think outside the established parameters, you get disdain from the group. There must be a way to cooperate without losing our individuality.

    But I wouldn’t worry TOO much if I were you…you’re the LEAST “mainstream” person I know! 🙂

  2. Lori Harvey says:

    Hi Heidi,

    Cheer up. You are missed by your friends at a forum & I consider you a friend.



  3. eli says:

    Stay your course…keep to those values you know to be good and right…do not worry about blaming others – at some point such things will be a useless expense of precious energy. Dont worry too much, expecially about things you cant control -( like other’s reactions and attitudes) .
    cheer up like Lori says – you do count!

  4. James says:

    Very good points. Way to encourage independent thought, especially by breaking down the ridiculous rank and file system.

  5. Paddy says:

    Zombie? You look alive to me:) Alex Jones? Married to a Zionist no? Don’t worry about some chat junkies who try to make themselves interesting.

    – Paddy

  6. Mark Zacharias says:

    Good post, HLL!

    Appreciate too the comments by these good friends who are there for you, as I am, to lift you up and encourage you. We DO need one another; and I agree — what matters to me is what we have in common, what brings us together, what unifies us; not those things that separate us — or that we allow to separate us.

    Something that ties in with your earlier blogs; we have entered the end of days — and the chaos will increase. Here in the West things aren’t bad enough yet — so we allow frivolous things to keep us apart. As things worsen, we will seek one another out and will, in fact, band together, for survival. You and I both belong to “group” that I hope is awakening and will come together — when it gets bad enough.

    In a conversation yesterday with my 82 year old father — I told him it was too late; that we’d crossed the Rubicon as a culture and there was no way back — no way back to the crossroads to then take the right path. It is too late — and as the twilight deepens we will be required to band together to survive; or we will die.

    Love you!!


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