Webbot Update-December 2008

As if the current rate of emotional tension release is not enough, there are indications from the movement of Populace/USofA entity through modelspace that [anger] and [rage], and [revenge] will be rising [visibility] within the [populace/usofa] from late in the day on December 1, and continuing to rise through to December 15th where it reaches a plateau that extends at the same level until late in January. The precipitating ‘events’ that will trigger the [onset of visible rage/anger] will themselves start to become [visible] just after midnight on the 26th of November. These events will continue at a low(ish) level through the last few days of November and then become much more dramatic in both [scope] and [presence] as we turn the calendar into December. The data sets indicate that the [financial calamity] of late September and early October *will* be revisited on a [scale/extent] that is both [broad] and [deep] within the USofA [financial structure(s)] over these 17/seventeen days (or thereabouts). The longer term data sets are indicating that the [manifesting circumstances] of this November 27th through to December 14th (more or less) will also be [echoed] again, only with more intensity, and at deeper levels of the [social economic order] from January 25th through February 14th.

I had a chance to talk with my colleague Cliff of http://www.halfpasthuman.com about the major earthquakes that show up in his predictive linguistics work for the window around December 10-12 for a first major earthquake and then a couple of days later, perhaps as late at the 15th for a second large quake.

I know, I know, you come here for the insightful commentary on the financial markets, so what is this earthquake stuff all about? Well, Cliff’s built a rickety time machine – that works by sampling huge numbers of posts on the internet, and then looking at the change in language which seems to have pretty good predictive powers in terms of spotting what’s coming.

I wanted to scribble down (in public, no less), as much as I could because earthquakes are an area of archetypes that are pretty darned clear in the language-shift work. Not only did we pick up the Banda Aceh quake five months before-the-fact, but more recently, earlier this year, we had very good insight into the Chinese earthquake (7.8-8.1, depending on which source you cite).

And, when I say ‘good insight” I’m not kidding. Just go back at read the posts that we put up three days before that event by clicking here.

The ‘details’ on this kind of thing are always sketchy; sorry we can’t get down to the specific city. At the moment, however, it looks like at least one of the two quakes will be inside the band 32 to 36-degrees latitude and that one of the quakes will be noticed as having 5 pretty distinct/large aftershocks of some consequence.

Moreover, one of the quakes (the first?) will be associated with fertile plains where things are grow, while the second will be associated with “dancing mountains” although not sure (again, this is a new science) which of these will come first. Seems Pacific Ring of Fire, in one case, too.

One of the quakes will also be noted for causing “isolation” to the point that other countries will be sending aid – and it’s possible that the quake with the isolation could be U.S. centered.

There are several competing scenarios that seem to fall out of interpretation of modelspace. The main feature is that first one quake, then the other within a few days later. There’s also something of a hyperdimensional physics relationship. Such that wherever the first quake is, the second one will happen in antipodal fashion, but not necessarily antipodal in a strict plain/ball geometry kind of way; rather it seems to be the kind that advance hyperdimensional physics would lay out.

If you click over to a short explanation of Icosahedrons in geometry, look at the drawing, and picture sticking the round earth inside of it, it’s like the antipodal quake is likely two happen near one of the vertices nearest antipodal, but it may not be the precise singular antepod, it could be one of the other nearest it.

Now, some of the possibilities, just to give you a sense of how it could play out…

Could be something in North America, Hawaii, or Alaska for #1 (with a lesser chance of the Pacific Northwest) In this case, the antipode might be India/Pakistan. Less chance: Back to China for another big one.

Another possibility would be the first quake being in Indonesia, in which case antipodes of California, (or in the band Texas over to New Madrid’s southern reaches) Mexico, or Ecuador might fit.

Or, it might be something like Chile for one, then China. Or, it might be China first, then in one of the ‘Stans.

Sorry, until we get to within 3-days, the quakes are still in the ‘firming up’ in modelspace mode for now. Sometimes, once we get inside 3-days, things get much firmer, so please drop by around December 8-9-10, and let’s see if the resolution gets better.


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