Blizzards, black ice and freezing rain forecast as the bookies slash the odds on a white Christmas

Blizzards and drifting snow are expected to wreak havoc across large parts of Britain tomorrow as the spell of Arctic weather tightens its grip.

From the Midlands northwards, a blanket of snow up to eight inches deep was expected to have fallen overnight, with southern areas likely to see treacherous patches of ice on roads and pavements.

Severe weather warnings were yesterday issued for the North of England and Scotland with warnings of major disruption to roads, and a repeat of Tuesday’s closure of hundreds of schools is likely.

Forecasters said it could be the heaviest early December snowfall in recent years, and with more on the way it resulted in further cuts in the odds on a White Christmas in London.

The snow was expected to sweep across the northern half of Britain last night accompanied by gale-force winds, bringing the threat of blizzard conditions and widespread drifting.

That is likely to see commuters and children in these areas attempting the trip to work or school tomorrow morning (THUR) faced by several inches of snow.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: ‘The main risk is for falls of snow across the north Midlands, northern England and Scotland.

‘On higher ground we could see up to 20cm (eight inches) and lower down and in more populated areas 2cm to 5cm is likely (one to two inches).


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