I am mad as hell, as usual

It hurts. It really fucking hurts…we have the money to bailout these corrupt corporations, these trickster bankers, but there is NO MONEY to keep open historic sites that have made America what it is today.

Let these people suffer…let the bankers, the politicians, anyone that even thought about a stupid bailout find out what it really means to hurt.

But they won’t, because the world doesn’t operate that way. The world isn’t fair. I am jaded, I am bitter, I am cynical…because there is no justice. There rarely is. Perhaps in the afterlife there will be. As of right now, these idiots continue raping our planet in the name of profit.

People suffer, the earth suffers, the animals are suffering…but few actually care.

Time to go to the mall, gotta buy an iPod. Good night and good luck, because destiny will eventually catch up to ALL of us.


3 thoughts on “I am mad as hell, as usual

  1. Todd says:

    You were kidding about buying that iPod right?

    I mean, if you are are pissed about big wigs raping the planet for profit why would you help feed that very machine by buying an Apple Product?

  2. OF COURSE IT WAS SARCASM…look at the time of the post, 12:59 am. How many malls are selling iPods after midnight? Not to mention I have a few posts on this blog regarding the Apple “culture.” Besides, I would never use “Time to go to the mall, gotta buy an iPod” unless in a sarcastic manner.


  3. Mike says:

    It sucks that some of your childhood memories of going to the parks are now tainted, but you know the government…they don’t think anything is worthwhile unless it’s bringing in wads of money. I guess nature just isn’t profitable 😦

    As for the first commenter…some people just don’t get sarcasm 🙂

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