Canada becomes meteor hotspot as BC flashed by streaking debris

With asteroid experts currently searching out an impact point for the dazzling chunk of space rock that was visible from Alberta to Saskatchewan as it passed through the atmosphere earlier this week, residents of British Columbia have become the latest to witness an incoming meteor as it broke up in the Canadian skies.

Making its flaming arrival in the late afternoon on Tuesday, a number of onlookers in the Vancouver area contacted the news desk of Canadian broadcaster CBC regarding the meteor, which they claimed was clearly visible in the darkening sky for around two seconds.

“There was this rocket kind of looking object going from the east to west,” commented Jim Allen, who witnessed the event as it passed over Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain on the Pacific coast. “It didn’t look real,” he added.

According to another witness, the front of the meteor broke into several pieces as it rushed towards the ground, glowing brightly before then suddenly fizzling out and disappearing from view.

Much like the Alberta and Saskatchewan event, viewings of this latest meteor were not limited to the Vancouver mainland, with residents of Prince George, located some 800 kilometres to the north, were also treated to the sudden blaze of speeding flame.

Specifically, Prince George amateur astronomer Mike Nash told CBC that he also saw the brightly lit object passing east to west as it moved low across the sky. And, according to Mr. Nash, that trajectory rules out the burning up of a satellite, which are launched to travel west to east in order to take advantage of the planet’s rotation.

According to members of the Prince George Astronomical Society, the meteor tore through the atmosphere reaching an altitude of 70 degrees as it descended in a south westerly direction, which ties in with various news reports claiming the meteor came down over the Georgia Strait and Gulf Islands.

The week’s earlier meteor sighting, which created an amazing light show that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Hollywood blockbuster, has since spawned a feverish hunt for remaining debris and a $10,000 USD reward.


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