The Thanksgiving Hoax

*Very articulate…I found this a great read.*

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

And over the last 40 years of my life, I’ve always invested Thanksgiving with my family.

But this year is quite different. This year I’m going to treat the 4th Thursday of the month just like any other day… host my internet radio broadcast (while the rest of my family continues to celebrate a lie).

Sad? Of course. But we must protest. The only way to wake people up to the real truth is to take bold moves. And trust me, this move has caused quite a division on the homefront here.

As a full-time Mr. Mom, I’m fortunate to be able to invest almost every day home with my family. I chose family over making the big bucks. So I don’t need the government (who officially crowned Thanksgiving by congressional act in 1789) to remind me to hang out with my family and watch football.

You see, we’re brainwashed into thinking Thanksgiving is a celebration. Quite frankly, we should be treating it the opposite way — in mourning.

Now I understand that’s depressing news. And we sure don’t need any more of it considering our economy these days. But the bottom line is Thanksgiving as we know it is one big whopper of a lie.

We all think we know what happened several hundreds of years ago…

… But quite frankly we don’t know jack about the real story of Columbus and his gang of thugs.

Tracking down the real history (i.e. his story) of Thanksgiving wasn’t easy. Historians have buried what really happened between the English and the Indians.

“America had often been discovered before Columbus,
but it had always been hushed up.”
– Oscar Wilde Irish dramatist, novelist, & poet (1854 – 1900)

Even the world’s most popular encyclopedia online (Wikipedia) admits, “The date and whereabouts of the first Thanksgiving celebration is a topic of modest contention.”

Yes, the image of Indians and first settlers sitting around a large table to celebrate Thanksgiving Day was most probably true (again, I wasn’t there to witness it), but that’s about the only truth of Thanksgiving. The rest of the story appears to be quite opposite of what we’ve been told.

This history of Thanksgiving is quite complex… here’s a snapshot:

Christopher Columbus returned to the New World (that’s no mistake… he apparently came back at least once) with 17 ships and more than 1,200 men. Their mission was clear… slaves and gold… going island to island in the Carribean.

Get this — all told, an estimated 3 million Indian people were murdered between 1494 and 1508 (just 14 years).

(Side note: Moses Mordecai Marx Levy — also known as Karl Marx would later call this, “… The primitive accumulation of capital.” Boy that Mr. Marx is one hell of a swell Kosher man, isn’t he?)

Next stop on the English Peace Train was when the Pilgrims visited New England (known back then as Turtle Island). The Pilgrims used religion as an excuse to grab land in what we now call today Massachusetts.

Town by town, these Pilgrims plundered, murdered, raped women, and stole gold. And end the end, the Indian population of 10 million was reduced by at least 90%.

Let me repeat this. The Pilgrims apparently slaughtered their new friends and reduced the Indian population to less than 10%. I guess the Indians weren’t Jewish so we can’t possibly refer to this genocide as a Holocaust now can we.

And there you have it… a snapshot of what really happened over 400 years ago… totally made over by public relations to give us what we know think of as Thanksgiving.

So as you’re sitting back with your family, watching the big game, and participating in the sacrifice of your Butterball Turkey, you might want to remember what really happened on Turtle Island many centuries ago.


One thought on “The Thanksgiving Hoax

  1. chuck says:

    you are totally right, i don’t get why the truth isn’t told to kids! Makes me upset when My child comes home singing a happy pilgrims and indians song, just gross. The public school system shouldn’t have the right to teach lies. very upsetting!

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