Do you feel you have been abducted???

If you feel you have had experience with alien entities, please get ahold of me. I would like to discuss the experiences. It is COMPLETELY confidential. If you would like, you can create an email address specifically for this purpose. My emails are and

Thank you in advance. Even if you are not sure, and think something MIGHT have happened, let me know. Please add your blood type, if it is known 🙂 Thank you very much…would like to get some things together!!


One thought on “Do you feel you have been abducted???

  1. jaime says:

    On 6-25-10, I was watching CNN. I heard a segment on the gulf. In the segment they showed a distraught reporter, saying he’d never seen anything like it before. He did a close up of black waves, that he described as looking like acid. As the waves came to shore they looked like the water was boiling and sounded like the fizz when you pour a coke. My question is, why have I not seen it again and why can’t I even find it on CNN sight? Do you know anything about it or can you find out? The segment was called BLACK TIDE BLACK RAIN. Very scary. Thanks for anything you can find out.

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